Sweet Revenge part 1

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-9- Jaleena

That night I decide things need to change, so I ordered that everyone had dinner together. I've trained my ass off and now it's time for me to connect to my powers. I managed to stop flickering the lights and there's no more noise coming from all the glass in the house every time I walk by. I can feel my powers grow and it scares the crap out of me. One by one they all step into the kitchen, kissing me before they take a stool at the kitchen island. Placing the last bowl of enchilada's on the table, I sigh. Of course Julian's not here.

"Where's Julian?" I ask at no one in particular. They glance at each other but no one answers my question.

I raise my eyebrow at Cass like he can tell me what I want to know. He doesn't look at me when he almost plants his face in the food, sniffing the smell that comes off of it.

"Did you uh.. Did you make this by yourself? I didn't know you could cook. I haven't seen you make anything. Well, except those sandwiches. You know, with the uh.. chicken and dressing. Which are absolutely amazing too!" he stutters.

"Really Cass?" I mumble, rolling my eyes at him. I seem to do that a lot lately. I put down my cutlery and lean back.

"Julian! Get your skinny ass down here! Now!" I yell. The guys wince at my screeching voice and Gideon places his hands over his ears. Heavy footsteps stomp down the stairs. Good, he heard me, I snicker to myself.

I pick up my knife and fork again and dig in. With a scowl on his face he sits down across from me. I point my fork at him. "Eat." I say in a stern voice.

Tension hangs in the air during dinner. Clearly nobody wants to start the conversation that we all know we need to be having. I sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose with my fingers. Fine, I'll start.

"I need to learn how to use my powers and I need help. I can't do it alone. I know I can fucking trash this room if I want to. Hell, I could bring down the house with all the energy flowing through my body. I can feel the power rushing through my veins all fucking day." I start looking around the island. Only Cass looks at me. He nods slightly, encouraging me to go on. I take a deep breath, pulling myself together for a moment.

"Despite what everyone thinks, I don't like the killing. True: I've got blood on my hands. A lot. But, and that means something to myself, I never wanted to do it." I rattle.

Cass places his hand on my bouncing knee and we share a moment where everything around us just disappears. I think back to the first day I got here. He did the exact same thing in a similar situation. Shoving my plate away I stand up and start pacing on the kitchen floor.

"The day of my birthday, they took me out of the house. 'You're going shopping.' they said. But in reality, my father sold me. Before the bastard could get me, I fought. I held one of his minions and killed him. Even then, I didn't like it." I stop talking to look at them one by one. Feeling the burn of my powers flowing through my blood, building up its energy, I ball my fists.

"Except for now. This time I will choose to kill. I'm going to kill them one by one. Starting with my personal bodyguard and all of the miserable minions that had his back, that supported him or covered for him. Then the fat fuck that bought me and when they're all gone..." I pause and close my eyes while releasing a little bit of my power, causing the walls to tremble. Photo frames are rattling before falling on the floor. When the glass splinter into tiny pieces I open my eyes again. The pull that's always present in my chest is reaching out to my three guys. Yeah, my guys, they're completely mine even if they don't want to. I don't want to fight my feelings anymore. Gideon held all the self-control after we shared our first kiss. Not me, remembering the feeling of just wanting to lose it.

"I'm going to kill my father." It's quiet for a while before chaos erupts.

"What the fuck Jaleena?"

"All of them?"

"You can't just kill your father!" Julian yells. I slam my hands on the island and glasses are shattering into tiny pieces. Juice spreads out on the surface only to end up dripping onto the floor. Suddenly the silence is deafening.

"And why not?" I ask in a steel voice. He stands up, his stool screeching on the floor.

"Because he's your father!" he screams. "He may be The Beast, has done despicable things, but you're no better than that. What have you done in all these years that you didn't deserve to die?"

I slam my fists on the island again.

"I was being born!" I roar.
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