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The Covenant Of A Deicide

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Heylel and the gang go on a mission to uncover the secrets of the school they attend at. They want to know the reason for the sudden disappearances of such powerful students. They find themselves battling different kinds of monsters, demons, angels and even gods. They find the buried weapons of the ancient ones who once roamed the earth and face off against the royal court, A court that governs everything. They encounter those who plays tricks, those who use energy, those who crush by sheer force, those who controls the dark magics and the first ever dark god.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1: A New Dawn

Birds chirped as the sun rose up to the sky. In a small cabin, near a river, was a family of 3. A father, mother and their son.

As the rays of the sun hit the ground, giving light to the world, the boy sleeping peacefully slowly awakened, his eyes slowly fluttering open as he looked at the window next to his bed.

He smiled as the flowers in the garden started to bloom, butterflies started to flutter, bees started working and birds began chirping.

As he observed the peaceful nature outside his window, he soon spotted a silhouette of a boy, about his height, holding a pole with an elongated blade, curving down at the top in the edge of the forest.

The boy seemed to have noticed him staring, and smiled, showing nothing but pure whiteness from his mouth.

The boy that was laying down peacefully now sat up, staring intently at the figure in the forest, not letting his guard down.

The figure then started to rise from the ground, feet levitating as a hoarse voice began calling his name.

“Heylel. Heylel. Heylel.”

The voice soon got louder and louder until it was unbearable. It was as if they were in an empty parking lot, every sound wave bouncing off of the walls, making it echo throughout the empty space.

The boy in the forest started to float towards him, holding his weapon, readying to strike.

With this, Heylel now tried to stand up and get away as far as possible from the floating figure, but he could not move at all. It’s as if there was an invisible force holding him in his place, preventing him from leaving.

The figure was now right infront of his window, It’s features now clear as daylight.

Hair that’s black on the roots, turning silver in the middle and turning pure white at the end, Eyes as cold as the winter nights, black as the night sky but having pupils as white as snow and teeth that bore sharp, pointed fangs.

The figure screamed out his name as he held his weapon back and readied itself to reap while chanting his name.

The boy closed his eyes, the blade flying in the air as it slowly hit the side of his neck.

Heylel’s eyes suddenly burst open to the sight of his best friend’s face looking worried as his eyes bore into his.

Seeing his Bestfriends face gave him relief but, a nightmare is a nightmare and he soon found himself tearing up.

“Shhh... it’s ok now Hel. I’m here for you...” Adrian said as he made the crying boy sit and hugged him tightly.

Heylel returned the hug and buried his face into Adrian’s neck as he continued crying.

Adrian stroke Heylel’s back as the boy started to keep calm and just stared into Adrian’s shirt. Adrian then proceeded to look at the boy and broke free from the hug to get a good look at his face.

He put his hand on the cheek of Heylel and wiped his tears away.

“It’s alright... you’re fine.” Adrian assured the boy and kissed him on the forehead.

The boy looked at Adrian and smiled.

“Thanks Adrian. I appreciate that... but... what exactly are you doing in my house?” Heylel confusingly asked with tear stained cheeks and red eyes

“We had a sleepover, remember?” Adrian laughingly answered as Heyley’s face turned into a bright red.

Heylel nervously laughed, totally forgetting that Adrian had spent the night at his house because they decided to watch the comets pass by the dark night sky.

Adrian laughed as he looked at the boy.

“Get up sleepy head, it’s already 9. Your mom is definitely going to ask for you in about... 3... 2.... 1.” As Adrian uttered the number one, a continuous knock then came from the door.

Adrian snickered and winked at Heylel mouthing out ‘Told you!’ as he smiled.

Heylel just laughed and then used his arms to wipe the tears left on his cheek and face. He stood up, getting off of the bed and walked towards the door to open the door for his mother. As the short haired woman, her hair a soft strawberry color, her eyes as brown as hazelnuts stood in the hallway, she gave a sigh and angrily scolded Heylel as the door opened.

“It’s already 9! You told me you’d wake up at 8:30! The breakfast I made for the both of you are now cold!” Heylel’s mum said as she crossed her arms on her chest.

As she saw her son’s red eyes, her angry demeanor became soft as she became worried and asked if he was ok. Heylel said he was ok so his mother sighed and looked at him again asking for reassurance. When she got it, she smiled and looked at him with blazing eyes once more.

“Go and get showered and then eat your breakfast! You too, Adrian!” She said as she looked behind Heylel, to see Adrian, Half naked, on the bed laying down.

Adrian gave a thumbs up and smiled at Heylel’s mother.

With that, The mother walked away and Heylel closed the door behind her.

The boy sighed once his mom was gone “What a lovely morning!” Heylel exclaimed as he walked over to his closet, opening it.

Adrian just laughed and watched as his best friend, who only wore a loose shirt and his underwear, walked over to the closet to get some clothes.

His eyes widened, his cheeks turned into a rosy red when Heylel tiptoed to try and reach the box at the top shelf, not knowing that he was showing Adrian his plump butt.

“Ugh!! I give up! Ad? a little help?” Heylel asked, frustrated.

“Yeah yeah!” Adrian shook the sight and the dirty thoughts in his head, as he sat down and stomped his right foot on the wooden floor.

As his foot hit the wood, the sound of ice forming was then heard as there, emitted a layer of ice, slowly making its way from Adrian’s foot into the front of Heylel, creating a small step up stair made of solid ice

Heylel stepped on the icy stairs and finally got the box into his arms, hugging it. But when he was about to go down, he accidentally slipped and fell on his butt, the box he was carrying, flew into the air and landed on his head, creating a loud thud.

“BWAHAHAHAHAH” Adrian bursted out laughing, as his best friend looked at him with gleaming eyes.

“Har har, very funny, Adrian. You know you could have helped me!” Heylel said as he placed a hand on the floor to help himself get up.

Adrian was still laughing as he looked at the now standing boy.

“I’m sorry, It’s just the way you looked was too funny for me” Adrian jokingly said as he laughed again.

Heylel just rolled his eyes and closed the closet, walking over the bathroom and closing the door.

“Finally! you’re both here!” Heylel’s mother said as she saw her son coming down the stairs, and behind him was his Best Friend.

The two of them smiled as they walked over the dining table and sat down across each other.

“The food got cold because you took too long! And I am not heating it up for you!” Heylel’s mom exclaimed and walked away.

Heylel looked at the bread with eggs and bacon and he frowned, knowing that it’s cold.

Adrian glanced over at his Bestfriend and saw that Heylel was looking at his food.

Now this sight doesn’t happen often. Heylel would usually be in time before the food went cold and eat happily. But this time, he was late and he didn’t like the fact that the food got cold.

Adrian sighed and snickered as he raised his right hand over the plate in front of him facing his palm down on top of the food.

Heylel looked at his Best Friend as he smelled the smell of freshly cooked eggs and bacon sandwiches.

“You do know I can always heat stuff up, right?”

Adrian told him with a smile on his face as Heylel’s face lit up.

“Please do!” Heylel excitedly looked at his best friend who smiled and brought his hand over Heylel’s plate. As his palm hovered over the food, it started to emit an orange-red glow, slowly heating up the food on Heylel’s plate.

As the food was now heated, Heylel smiled and looked at his Bestfriend who was now eating the bacon and egg sandwich happily.

“You know that I love you and your powers right? Fire for heating food and Ice for keeping drinks cold!” Heylel exclaimed as he took the sandwich and took a big bite out of it.

Adrian smiled.

“That’s not what my powers are meant for dummy! Hahahaha” Adrian laughed and looked at his best friend who didn’t even listen to a single word he said. He just snickered and ate his food as well

After eating breakfast, the two boys washed the plates and went outside the house where Heylel’s dad was working.

“Hey dad! what’re you doing?” Heylel asked as he saw his father squatting down on the flower bed looking a bit sad.

“Oh, hey son, I was about to start watering these plants when I noticed that a group of them had died out.” His dad said with a sad tone.

Heylel took a glance and saw a group of white roses that had withered.

“Hey dad, cheer up! Here, let me help you with that!” Heylel walked over to his father and squatted beside him.

Adrian just watched as Heylel raised his right hand as he faced the flower with his palm.

Heylel closed his eyes as a bright golden light emerged from his palms. The wilted bunch of flowers started to rise up and regain their color of a beautiful white.

As he opened his eyes, he saw the flowers blooming with life as he stood up and smiled.

“Thanks Heylel! You’re a lifesaver!” His father said as he looked at the flowers.

Heylel just smiled and walked over to Adrian who was also smiling at him.

“I’m going to go to town! Are you gonna come?” The father asked as he smiled at the two teens.

Heylel and Adrian looked at each other and shook their heads with a smile.

The father nodded and went back to tending his garden, the boys were walking away as the father noticed golden light emitting from the white roses.

“You know, You could become a successful gardener with your powers!” Heylel just laughed at what Adrian said and continued walking.

“Yeah... But that’s probably my Future. A boring farmer. Unlike you! You have both Ice and fire! You could easily be the best fighter there is here in Voluz.” Heylel said as he kicked a small Pebble across the river.

“Hey! don’t put it that way! If you’re going to be a Gardener, I’ll gladly be one too! So I could stay by your side” Adrian said as he smiled, his cheeks slowly getting red.

Adrian had a secret, he liked his best friend. He didn’t care if they were both male, all he knew was that his heart beat faster everytime they were together. He’s in love with his best friend.

As for Heylel…. He’s pretty dumb.

As the both of them reached the bottom of a small hill, Heylel just smiled and started climbing the hill in peace.

Suddenly, Adrian remembered that Heylel must have had a nightmare and asked him what that was about.

“Oh, That? it’s pretty weird... actually... I was in bed, all by myself when I woke up to see dad’s garden starting to bloom. In the corner of my eye, I saw a silhouette on the edge of the forest, staring at me.” Heylel then continued what happened and how the shadow smiled to show only whiteness in his mouth and how he felt while he was in that nightmare and finished when they reached the top of the hill.

Adrian was just looking in front of him, stuck in his head thinking what could have caused this nightmare when he was suddenly snapped out of it when Heylel once again spoke.

“Oh! And he was holding this long pole with a blade on the end!” Heylel happily added as he sat down on the grassy hill, flowers starting to bloom around him and Adrian as he touched the earth below him.

Adrian suddenly looked at Heylel and asked more details about the pole.

“Oh, It was a long, large rod kind of thing that had a blade that bent downward, Why?” Heylel exclaimed as he looked at his Best Friend.

Adrian then held his hands out as blue light emerged from his palms. The air suddenly became cold and a small snowflake formed in front of him.

The snowflake’s branches then suddenly grew in size and started to form an ice like sculpture in the shape of a stick, growing longer and longer until it was a little bit taller than Adrian, The rod then suddenly started to sprout out a blade bending downwards completing the weapon as Adrian held on to the ice rod.

“You mean... Like this?” Adrian asked as he held the Scythe in his hand.

Heylel’s eyes sparked as he looked at his Best Friend in Excitement

“YOU CAN DO THAT?! SINCE WHEN?!” Heylel asked excitedly, standing up.

“It’s a new skill I practiced by myself! Pretty neat right?” Adrian said proudly

Heylel nodded and exclaimed that it was exactly like what the shadow was holding in his dreams.

Adrian gave Heylel the Ice Scythe and Heylel excitedly took it and swung it around.

They were both having fun when suddenly, in the corner of Adrian’s eye, he saw black smoke coming from the village.

“Heylel! Look!” Adrian pointed at the smoke as Heylel looked over, his eyes widened at the site of the black smoke getting bigger and bigger.

“Shit. WE’VE GOT TO GET THERE, NOW!” Heylel exclaimed as Adrian held Heylel’s hand causing him to drop the ice weapon. Using Adrian’s other hand, he faced his palm on the ground as a light blue light emitted from the palm to create an ice path. Adrian stepped on it, making it grow longer and longer until it reached the village.

“Hold on tight!” Adrian said as Heylel held tightly to his hand as Adrian slid down the ice path as if he were skating in an ice rink.

Heylel’s heart was pounding as the thought of people dying crossed his mind.

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