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The Demon Lord Returns To The Past

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The Demon Lord returns back in time after killing the hero, but he noticed that the past changed.

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- Death of The Hero -

( Sound of foot steps ), ( The sound of a door opening ), So you finally made it ( The Demon lord Says ), The hero started running straight towards the demon lord to stab him, The demon Lord evades, the hero try to attack the demon lord again.

[ DL ]: ” Why are you angry hero? ”

[ Hero ]:( Yelling ) SHUT UP. ”

[ DL ]: " But Wasn’t it fun killing your friends? ”


[ DL ]: ” You talk a lot for someone who want to take revenge. ”

( The demon lord cuts the hero’s head )

[ DL ]: ” You are still weak I thought you would be able to stop my attack, What a waste. ”

[ Strange Voice ]: ” Error Error Error. ”

[ DL ]: ” Huh, What is this voice? ”

[ Strange Voice ]: “Hero’s death not calculated, Set time to the first appearance of the hero in this world. ”

[ DL ]: " Is this voice coming from my hea- ”



It all started when my father { Xechros } fell in loved with my mother { Nashira }, but the love between demons and Humans were considered taboo.

The church toke it seriously, but since they were not able to send assassins’ to kill father They used dark magic to controller mother, They sent her to his room to poison him.

[ Nashira ]:( Opening the door ). ”

[ Xechros ]: ” Good Morning honey.”

[ Nashira ]: ” Hi darling.”

[ Xechros ]: ” You don’t seem like your usual self, did something happen? ”

[ Nashira ]: ” it’s just.... ”

[ Xechros ]: ” .....?? ”

[ Nashira ]: ” I love you darling. ”

[ Xechros ]: ” I love you too. ”

[ Nashira ]: " I will bring some tea that I made. ”

[ Xechros ]: ” Okay ( Nashira tried to say something, She is weird today, She is usually energetic and happy, I will have to investigate the church, They insisted that I send her every week, so she can be purified, They think they can take her away from me like this, I am going to kill them all someday THEY WILL SUFFER ). ”

[ Nashira ]: ” Honey are you okay, I saw a scary face just now? ”

[ Xechros ]: ” ..... ”

[ Nashira ]: ” Whatever let’s drink tea, Tea relieves all anger. ”

[ Nashira ]: ” let’s drink at the same time. ”

They started drinking, Father didn’t no that it was the last time he will see mother alive.


[ Nashira ]: ” COUGH!! COUGH!! COUGH!! ”


Mother wouldn’t stop, She was a controlled before even entering the room. Mother died at the spot after drinking the tea since the poison powerful enough to kill a { Taker } with one drop.

< Takers are beings that form from dead bodies, they are intelligent enough to make a new civilization, They can take the life of any being that is below their rank, such as (Animals, most Human, weak Demons, etc...) >

Father was affected badly by the poison, but his anger filled the room and no one was able to stop him. Father went straight to the Church he turned everything upside down. People thought it was the end of the world.

That how the war started, The Never Ending War, That what it was called, but there was hope. It was creating a new life form that is powerful enough to weaken the demon lord.

By combining different living beings, They created it. The Corrupter. Father fought him, It was a fight that no one was able to interfere in, but neither side wined the fight, The Corrupter died, my father cut him into pieces, then something formed from it’s blood and went straight to father’s heart, Father tired to evade it, but it hit him in the shoulder, It was not a normal hit that being released some kind of corruption into his body.

Father started becoming weaker day by day and one year later

[ Xechros ]: ” Achertis COUGH!! COUGH!! son come closer. ”

[ Achertis ]:( Moving closer to his father ). ”

[ Xechros ]: ” Achertis stop crying your elven years old now you are not a child you are a strong man, Do you remember what your mother told you?”

[ Achertis ]: ” Yes, She told me to become a strong man that even mountains can’t shake. ”

[ Xechros ]:( Pated his son head ). ”

[ Xechros ]: ” Achertis, Do you feel something? ”

[ Achertis ]: ” What do you mean? ”

[ Xechros ]: ” Nothing, Let’s just go to sleep for now. ”

That time, I didn’t know it was the last time I will talk to father, He died the next day, It was unexpected for a powerful demon to die, so I { Achertis } his son became the new Demon Lord.

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