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Being a amateur athlete, Adriette never thought of anything other than her dreams. She is shy,quite and introvert yet determined. But what happens when she finds out she is the chosen one? She is forced into the realm of fantasy and is teamed with other magicals,all from different worlds. There's only one way out ," compete against other magicals and win the game. "Can she?

Fantasy / Children
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She took a deep breath .Eyeing the finish line, she got herself ready. A very competitive silence was felt among the runners .

Rising tension of the runners could clearly be seen on their faces.
"Three......Two.....One and .....go."
All the runners started storming towards the finishing line. The cheering of the clamorous crowd slowly fading away with getting closer to the finishing line.

It's coming closer,just a few meters, just a few seconds and ............"ADRIETTE!! ADRIETTE!!!ADRIEEETTE!!! Do you want Miss Mason to kick you out of the class today?" said a shrill voice shaking Adriette up.

"I was about to win.",said Adriette while jumping out of the bed hastily.

"About to?You are already the winner of being late today.",said Adriette's mother with a disenchanted but not so surprised look,"Now go and get ready for school. Your breakfast is on the table."

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, while hurriedly tieing her long,rough ,pitch-black hair into a pony,"I am sick of the monotony of my life.Can it be anymore boring?",Adriette murmured.

She took her bag. Having grabbed a bite of the sandwich kept on the table ,she rushed out , banging the door shut.

She was running as fast as she could.She greeted the guard and ran towards her classroom. Luck didn't favour her. Miss Mason had already started the lessons. " I am sorry for being late, Miss Mason.",Adriette said standing at the door of the classroom, still trying to catch her breath.

"Oh well !! Look class! Who do we have here?"said Miss Mason scoffingly ," Thanks Miss Quinn,for blessing us with your presence this early."

Adriette's mind was urging her to give Miss Mason a piece of her mind but she took control over her urge and just bowed down and apologized.

She took her seat in the corner where she used to sit alone while ignoring everyone's derisive looks.

Her eyes started wandering around, looking for her one and only tower of strength in the school ,Nancy, her childhood bestie.

But she was nowhere to be found.

She waited for the school to get over and ran straight towards Peggy Petronski, the girl who sat next to Nancy. She caught her by her shoulder and enquired ,"Is Nancy okay?She never misses school."

"Oh yeah!!She has gone to the countryside with her family for a trip",replied Peggy nonchalantly, " She would be back in a few days, she said."

Adriette thanked her and headed back towards her house."They all have such exciting lives.",she said to herself,"What did I do, not to deserve that? "

She kicked a stone in anger which hurt her back."Ouch!!",she exclaimed in pain,trying to blew it away.

"Yeah right!This is my life." She said in a frustrated tone.

"Welcome back, dear.", her mother welcomed Adriette as soon as she saw her entering through the door,"How was your day?"

Adriette said nothing and just went into her room. She dashed her bag on the table and sat on the bed . The silence answered her mother's question.

She went into her room and sat beside her. While caressing her hair ,she started to speak gently with empathy in her voice,"My child, you want thrill in your life without making friends other than Nancy.Nancy won't always be there for you."

"SHE WILL!!"she said without letting her mother complete the sentence, "She will. And even she won't , you and my dreams will always be there for me. Won't you?"

"I will, always,without a doubt.", she said patting her back," But you need to explore a little on your own."

"Now stop overthinking. Go freshen up and get ready for your practice."she said while leaving the room.
"And have some fun time."

"HA !! Fun time." sighed Adriette sarcastically," ALL I WILL HAVE IS JUST A NORMAL LIFE."

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