What have I done to deserve this?

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The Kingdom of Catalia has 4 friends. Queen Andressa Almeida, the war advisor Miguel Monteirocastro, his sister Armanda and Miguel’s life partner Raquel Figeira. But what happens when, in the middle of a usurpatory rebellion, Raquel is suddenly kidnapped by her very-known people. Will she endure the torment while her friends search for her. Is she gonna find out what she did to deserve it. Warning I write in german or portugese so I have to translate everything so it takes longer to add chapters. Sorry about it but I hope ot is worth it.

Fantasy / Horror
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1 The origin by the Gods

Long ago there was a country divided into 6 pieces that only with the end of each were connected to one another. Every piece of land had a different landacape when viewed from above, it looked like a beautiful flower. But that what lived on it was even more stunning yet ar the same time more deadly than death itself. In each of the 6 different territories lived one tribe of cats. They were magnificent animals, some say they were children of the gods who sent them to the world to be immortalized. The cats had different fur and eye colors. In the sun and moonlight yellow and sandy cats shone like pure gold; black, dark brown, grey and silver cats like silver; rust red, red and light brown cats like copper; orange cats like fire and white cats like sun shining on snow. They were 2 meters tall, broad-shouldered animals with razor sharp teeth and claws. Some specimens had more than 10 cm long teeth and claws. Each tribe lived in one of the 6 tracts of land and worshipped their respective god, the landscape was always adapted to the abilities of the cats and gods.

The cats of the tribe Maji believed in Mvua the goddess of rain. Their territory had many rivers and lakes. They were gifted at everything that had to do with swimming, fishing and living by the water. The tribe of the Uwindo were worshippers of Upepo the god of the wind. Since wind represented the hunt this tribe was the best on the hunt they always had to eat. Their territory consists of savannah landscape and was longest shined by the sun to prolong the hunt. The goddess Umeme was worshipped by the Ajila tribe. She is the goddess of lightning, Ajila cats were therefore the fastest cats, as their goddess is as fast as the lightning she radiates. The territory of these cats consisted of moor and meadow so they could run. The tribe Mpango Haribu prayed to the goddess of planning and destruction Mvua ya mawe. The land on which they lived had hills and mountains, there was little sunshine and little was known of what was going on in this territory. The abilities of these cats were in the planning stage. Often they were not trusted because of the goddess they worshipped but the destruction she caused is good she let fires blaze to strengthen nature and other natural disasters come so that nature can recover and become fertile again. Mvua ya mawe is represented by hail. Theluji, the god of peace and justice, was worshipped by the Amani Haki whose abilities were to maintain justice and peace with the other tribes. They lived on hillsides and valleys and were represented by snow. At last, the tribe of Shujaa Hadari who worshipped the god Radi. He is represented by thunder and is the god of war and courage. So was the tribe that worshipped him, they were born warriors and the most feared tribe of all. They lived in the woods.

But the gods were worried every year there was 1 week in which all cats would carve each other. But it got more and more weeks a year and they got longer and longer, so the gods made a drastic decision. Each god led his tribe to the center of the territories to gather them all together. When all the cats were there, the gods came to earth for all to see, the cats were speechless as they saw their gods for the first time. Radi came up and said: cats of all tribes we have called you here because of the Uuaji time. It is out of control! That’s why we made a decision. We will give you a human form and unite all the tribes to prevent us from dying out. The cats accepted because they did not want to contradict their gods. The gods also joined together and called themselves Stormgods. They finally united the country and the cats called it Catalia.

Sorry for the long wait but I write my stories in german and have to translate everything. Enjoy the chapter. :)
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