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Our Fates

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"They must work together to return the book to its rightful place " Their fates are intertwined and has been since the beginning of time. Penelope, the one who leads the five like the prophecy says, has a lot to learn and teach. Join the five in their journey of fighting not just the enemies but themselves too to stay together to the end. In this journey, no one's survival is guaranteed.. Find out who makes it and who doesn't..

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

~1~The Genesis~~

"If you're reading this, there's no coincidence.

for the book can only be found by one who is chosen.

whatever realm you're in, you don't belong there, its time to find your place with those you've chosen to fight beside you.

Though we wish to be selfless, your journey together is of a much greater importance"


This is what was written at the front page of the worn out book i found rotting away under debris. I know, you're wondering what I was thinking walking into the forest searching for God knows what. Well, I don't know either, I just felt this pull and I'm too curious for my own good .. Funny right?

The preface of the book left me shaken, I'm not interested in anything that involves crazy stuffs. If you know what I mean. Just the little I've read clearly shows the writer is wacko!.. It might just be a fiction to scare kids with, and no matter how tempting it may be, I'm simply not going to involve myself.. My mind is made up. There's no mystery solving for me.... For all it's worth, this book is going back to it's base, soon as I return tomorrow.

7:30 monday morning:

"Urrrrgh!... What's that sound?!!" I can't seem to figure it out, my brain is usually foggy in the morning.. not like it's not foggy every time, but just worse in the morning.

"Penelope!!... You'll be late for school if you don't get up now"

Oof! And that's me falling from my bed. Why the hell must mum be so loud and why is my alarm clock on the floor!!

"Penny!! You up?"

"Yeah mum, I'll be out in fifteen"

I hurry up and do my business, while wondering the irony of how mum is so chirpy and hyper every morning even after having a night shift, while, me on the other hand, well, I'm not much of a morning person... Okay, scratch that, seeing my alarm clock on the floor goes to show how much I detest mornings, especially monday mornings, why in the world is there a day like monday?!!..

Who's ready for the day?.... Well, not me.

I hate mondays, but I hate moving and starting over even more. It's frustrating. Leaving your life behind, one you're used to and starting over, new school, new friends, new teachers, even new bathrooms!! I seriously loved my old one!!

I didn't really have friends so, that aspect wasn't much of a bother but I did like my English lit teacher a little, she was cute and sweet when she wanted to be. It's just so sad though, I didn't want to move. This is the fourth time in two years and I'm tired.

I'm grateful for my mum though.. She's been working hard, working three jobs at a stretch.... She's so busy these days that I barely see her and it's a miracle she's home right now.. I'm shocked.

I shouldn't complain though, I'm among the lucky ones, I can boast of a roof over my head and food to eat. And I go to school too, that's a bonus.

We moved here on friday, its a little town in California. There are more trees than houses and humans combined. The green life is beautiful and I'm yet to explore the forest. I think I'll do that in my free time maybe when I go to return the book i found.

Who'd bury a book there anyways?...

Not my problem, I'm not interested and I won't get involved.

"Penny! Get yourself down here this minute!"

"Coming mum!"

This is my senior year and I plan to spend it away from the limelight. No boys, no drama, no queen bitches and no stress.

That being said, I fix my smile and look myself over in the floor length mirror. I do look good, a black pair of jeans, an off shoulder crop top and a pair of ankle boots. I'm not your regular short girl, I'm too tall to be short, so I've been told.

My mum Is different though, I got my height from my sperm donor, and no, he isn't my father, there's nothing between us, whatever we had seized to exist the moment he walked out on us, I don't remember him at all, there are no pictures whatsoever.

I watch my mum as I descend the stairs, I'm so proud of her, she saw this house online, and loved it. We've been saving for it for a while, paying bit by bit. Its a good thing that we aren't moving again, cause this house is permanent and its ours.

My mum is strong and beautiful too, I'm sure she'd find a man who'd love her like she deserves, if she could put herself out there again.

Breakfast is ready by the time I'm down, I take a few bites and kiss mum goodbye 'cause I'm positive I might not see her in a while. I know, she works way too much.

I barely catch the bus... The driver actually stopped when he saw me running..... That's strange really. The bus driver in my transfer school, drives right past me almost everyday.. It was so frequent that I had to walk to school all the time, all hot and sweaty. Its no ones fault that I'm always never early, not even mine.. So, when I say frequently I mean, everyday.

I get on the bus and I catch sight of the only sit left and it's the last, there's no harm there anyway, I go over and sit beside the only person that isn't busy with her phone.

I'll just mind my business, plug in my headphones and listen to some music. That was the plan till I felt someone touch my arm. Oh my!! There goes my plan of minding my business!. Of course I didn't say it out loud, though I was tempted to... I take off my headphones, and put on my sweetest smile.... I think.

"Hey" the girl sitting Next to me said, when I turn with my smile still in place she bursts out laughing, and that's when my smile slips.... I can see she's trying to keep a straight face when she says

" I'm sorry for being a bother but can you at least not to be so obvious?. your smile is creepy and you look constipated!!" Then she bursts out laughing, unable to hold it in anymore, unintentionally, my lips twitch. i take a good look at her, she's not that bad looking, and she's funny. Scratch that, she isn't bad looking at all.. Looking her over, I'm a couple of inches taller than she is, except, she's gorgeous with a mischievous glint in her eyes, she looks like she's always going to be ready for trouble... Well, I'm proud of myself! Look at me, analyzing people in one glance, oh! And yes.. I'd like to consider myself awesome.. just the thought put a tiny smile on my lips....

Its someone like this I had chosen to avoid but I guess we don't always choose our friends, most times, we're chosen by them

"I'm Piper"

She says then Stretches her hand to meet mine in a handshake, I'm about to reply but a voice distracts me

"and I'm Hunter"

I turn to the direction the voice came from, and I'm not even exaggerating when I say he's an eye candy.. a guy with hair so brown its almost red and eyes just a shade darker. I guess he's been listening in on our conversation.

I forgot to breathe for a while there, is one even permitted to look that good? He's just a walking heart attack for anyone who cares to look and now, he's smiling.

Oh shit! I think I'm hyperventilating, that's until I see his smile.

That's a cocky smile, I guess he knows how good looking he is.

Too bad stranger, I'm never admitting it to you..

"this is Hunter, my twin, forgive his interruption"

Hearing that they're twins, I couldn't help but look them over... They have a striking resemblance almost same hair color. What an extremely gorgeous set.

They both could pass for each other if Piper had a hair cut or Hunter put on a wig.. My thoughts are disturbed when I see fingers snapped in my view..

"And you are?"

I shouldn't make friends that look like gods!, the spotlight would be on them and they'll drag me into their drama.

Well, not like anyone cares.

"I'm Penny... Penelope Hathway, I just moved"

Well, I didn't stutter and that's a good sign. Something one should know about me is that I'm one hell of a stutterer. It happens when I'm uncomfortable, or stressed and when I talk to people I just met... That, and I tend to find myself in the most uncomfortable and embarrassing situations there could ever be, and I do that frequently too, you can probably add clumsy to the list. I know, I'm not your perfect girl....

We seem to have arrived at our destination.

Grandom High. Though known as a public school, seems to be pretty classy if I was being honest. All I have to do now is to find the principal's office to get my schedule and my locker number..

I keep looking around unable to fathom where to begin, since I'm so scatter brained.

I hear laughter behind me, then I turn and meet a familiar face, I frown as i wonder what's with this girl and laughing at me. She stops as she sees my expression

" oh nothing" she replies without even being asked "excuse my laughter... You just looked so funny looking around like you know where you're headed.

You should've waited for us.... Why didn't you?"

Nice question!

One i have no answer to.

"C'mon, let's go meet Mr McGregor" and I feel myself being pulled by her into the building and towards an office with the sign 'PRINCIPAL' above the door.

We meet the secretary and she searches for my name in the database. We walk out of the office after she hands me my schedule and locker number.. I'm not even given the chance to look at them well, before Piper snatches my schedule..

"Let's see what we have together.... Wow, we have almost everything together, just no creative writing and visual arts.

"Cool" and that's all I could reply to that.

She showed me our class for that morning. I'm much of an observer, which is why I haven't said much while Piper rambles on about their fountain, or was it Guinea pigs or Guinea hens, and about the queen bitch, Henley what's her face, I really can't recall, I stopped paying attention when she couldn't stop talking..

Cruel? Nahhh I don't think so. Someone needs to reset this girl's mouth.

Our English lit teacher walks in, and the noise ceases, only his voice is heard......

And that's about how my first day goes, going to class after class, meeting up with Hunter and Piper for lunch and going back to classes.... I realized there isn't much time to breath in this school.

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