The Alpha's runt

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Eryx and Eros are twin alpha's of Shadow moon pack. Forced to rule at the age of 15 when rouges killed their parents. Now 27 without mates the pack grow weary that they will not find them before they become to old. Wolves find mates on their 18th birthday. Eyrx does not want a mate while Eros wishes to find his soon. Athena is a runt wolf forced out of her lands for a crime she did not commit when she was 17. Alone and scared she hides in the forest for over 4 years until the moon guides and pulls her to her mate. What happens when they are forced to cross paths? Will she be able to get over her past? And will they be able to help fix her or will they break her like everyone has before? 18+ This story contains strong language, sexual content and violence. This story contains a bisexual character and will be discussed in the first chapter!

Fantasy / Erotica
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The twins

Eryx pov

"Yes...Just like that!" Armina screams as I let my inner beast out. I dig my claws into her hips slamming into her with all my might.

"Eryx please fill me" she continues to scream. Her claws digging into the forest floor. I yank her head up and feel her walls tighten around me. I pull out of her and release myself on her ass. She pants trying to come down from her high. I get up and get dressed.

"Seriously not going to talk to me?" Armina snaps. I roll my eyes and button up my jeans.

"What?" I say turning to look at her.

"I get I'm not your mate but we just had sex Eryx!" She pouts crossing her arms.

"You were in heat and walking around my lands unmated. Be happy it was me and not one of the omegas who found you." I say coldly sliding on my grey tank top.

"I just turned 18 yesterday!" She snaps.

"Well go find him" I say pulling my thick black hair into a ponytail. I walk through the forest around my land heading back to the pack house.

I walk towards our sparing area seeing a group of hunters training. I lean on a tree close by and watch as they all barely able to knock the other down. I rub my temple and walk to the delta who is leading them.

"Stand down!" I order. Everyone stops and face me quickly.

"Why are we not taking training serious today?" I ask the men. Everyone silent looking down. I let out a growl.

"Sorry Alpha it's just a lot of us are on edge since several woman are in heat wandering around the pack today. It's hard to focus." I sigh and look at the delta.

"How many?" I ask. He thinks for a moment watching the men.

"Five" he says. I rub my face and look at the men.

"You are dismissed for today. Tomorrow you will train twice as long. If your mates in heat link the beta so we know next time." I order. They all bow and head toward the forest to run and wind down.

"Alpha we are starting to become very worried about you and your brother Eros. Neither have found your mates. We need a Luna to help here." Michael, my delta, says serious.

"We will survive without a Luna. We have this long we will figure a plan out." I say frustrated.

I don't want a mate. I like being able to sleep with whoever I want. No one woman can take me or handle me. No one woman deserves this either.

"Alpha Eryx!" I hear a woman yell. I turn and see a young wolf walking toward me barely dressed. I smirk and dismiss the Delta. He rolls his eyes and walks away into the house.

"What can I do for you beautiful?" She bites her lip and flips her hair to he back making her cleavage out and center.

"Beta Cole said I should come talk to you." She says. I look at her closely. She has long blonde hair green eyes and cupid's lips. Her skin a Carmel color with Big breast semi chubby stomach and thighs. She is a beauty for sure.

"Tell me how old are you?" I ask thinking.

"I am 19." She says innocently.

"Have you not found your mate?" My voice coming off serious.

"Not yet, I haven't been able to leave pack lands in the last year." She says honestly. I nod and think.

The girl steps closer to me and eyes me seductively. I smirk and pull her to me kissing her roughly. She instantly jumps into my arms. I walk back to the forest holding her up against a tree and rip her clothes off quickly dominating the girl.

Eros pov

First thing in the morning I am awoken by Samuel before the sun even rises. All for him to leave me hanging. I go for a run through the forest and watch the edge of our border. I have been sensing a strong scent I can't place close by. It's been there for over a week now. I asked Eryx to check on it but I doubt he did. He is to worried about sleeping with the unmated woman.

After a few hours I head back quickly showering and sliding on my Red and black cargo pants and black loose tee-shirt with black boots. I make my way to my office as the omega brings breakfast and coffee.

I wait for half an hour and of course Eryx is late. Beta Cole comes in about an hour later. I go through paper work for a while.

"Cole, when was the last time we heard from Greenfoot pack?" I ask leaning back in my chair. He looks up and me seriously and flips through his notes.

"Last we heard was 6 months ago when they had a new child. We sent them a gift and never heard a thing back." He says tapping his pen on his desk. I rub my face and write down a note to myself to remember to call them.

"Did you prepare for the new moon? It is in less than a week" Cole asked serious.

"Yes Eryx and I will be leading the run again. It worked last time. Most of the woman who went into heat were instantly dealt with and the men got to let the beasts out and burn energy." I say leaning back.

"Okay, I will let everyone know" he says writing it down and exiting the office. I take a deep breath.

I sense the many wolves in heat today and instantly feel a rush of energy. I roll my eyes and go back to work trying to resist the urge. It's not that I am not tempted but I have other means to release myself. I have a loyal lover I use fairly often now. He is one of the pack hunters, Samuel. He has ivory skin, black straight hair green eyes, and fairly slim for a wolf.

Over the next two hours I bury myself into work. My head pounding after a while.

"Come to me." I send through my link.

A few minutes later Sam is in my office. I get up and kiss him roughly as soon as he closes the door. I quickly pick him up and place him on my desk. Not breaking our kiss I go in the drawer pulling out my lube. He slides his hand into my pants pulling my dick out. I quickly lube it up and sit down. Sam instantly climbs onto my lap and slides me into him. I let out a growl as his hands wrap my neck.

He rides me so softly and slow sending me over the edge. He moans low into my ear. I nip his lip and kiss him roughly. He goes harder his cock rock hard on my stomach. I spit on my hand and jerk him. His head drops and lets out a low growl.

I get up holding him and begin to thrust into him hard and fast. Sams moans loud and needy. I growl and place him on the desk. Slamming myself back in him adding more lube. He bites on his finger watching me as I pound him. I kiss him and jerk him as I thrust into him. He runs his fingers in his hair moaning loud almost screams.

I feel his cock grow hard in my hand. I smirk at him and spit on his dick. His eyes roll back as he cums on my hand and his stomach. I release him and hold his thighs quickly picking up my pace. I growl loud and pull out releasing on his stomach.

"Damn you're so hot Alpha." He says breathing heavy. I kiss him and grab some wipes from my drawer to help him clean himself off. We both get redressed and calm down. He spends the day in my office with me as I work. Everyone knows I have a man lover at first people hated it but they have grown used to it over the years.

Eryx never comes to the office today. I assume it's because of the woman in heat. The delta told me he came from the forest earlier smelling of sex then left with another young wolf. It would not surprise me if he gets one pregnant one day.

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