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The Spirit Queen

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Nathen is a spirit how is in search for a queen for his kingdom and wine he finds his queen May how is a perfect person fore the job he puts her to the test and she passed but then there is someone how is trying to heart the queen will Nathen find out how is trying to heart his queen and protect her

Fantasy / Romance
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the queen

“Shhh yes There’s a rumor going around that the beautiful girl arriving today might be the queen they’ve been waiting for”.

The queen we have been waiting for I don’t buy it. it’s been years since we heard of the birth of a royal child but she ends up being a spoiled brat I bet this beautiful girl will be one tow “hay Nathen what are you thinking”

“ Nothing I say I am just thinking about the last time they thot one of the royal girls were going to be a queen of the spirit animals”

“I know you don’t like the roel family but we need a queen to roll or the spirits will go out of whack again you can’t keep them in cheek forever you no plus you are going to have to be with the queen if you like it are not you are the legendary wight fox”

I rolled my eyes “I don’t care”


I turn around and the messenger of the royal family was there

“Hello may I help you”

“ Yes the queen has arrived and is waiting for fore you”

“Ok I will be there shortly”

Ok, Nathen just suk it up you have to do this for the spirit animals no matter what kinda person she is.

“ Hello sorry for what I was talking”

“Hm you, how are you”

I bowed down” your majesty my name is Nathen and I am the assistant of the spirit queen”

“Wall this is Maledy my oldest daughter you have met her before right”

“Yes I have”

I try to put a strat face without showing my disgust with the girl

“And this is my youngest daughter how is going to do the test for the spirit queen look at the girl and she looks really small

“ Hello it is nice to see you “

I give my kindes smile “hello it is nice to meet you and I hope you pass the test”

she nodes. She is kinda adorable I hold in a smile “ok please come this way I will start the test”

“What kind of test is it”

“Wall it’s not really a test but just something to see if you qualify to be a spirit queen, your um sister did not pass the test she has a short temper and that is not needed plus we have a how do you say this um… are kind is kinda wild and they need someone how can discipline them in a well-mannered way you no”

“Rilly is that why my sister came back angry”

She laughed a little which sounded cute. I looked away from her. “Sorry I should not laugh at that”

“No, it’s ok plus it was kinda funny”

“ wall it is time to met everyone” I open the door to the garden where most of the spirits were

“Hello everyone”

“Its Nathen “everyone started running to me

“Hey guys”

“Hey how’s that”

“Hay Nat” Alex called

I turn around and he was standing next to the girl

“What do you want”

“Nothing just wondering how it’s going”

I rolled my eyes

“It hasn’t started yet”


“OK gise lesson up the princess is going to take good care of you today ok you no what you are supposed to do but don’t get out of whack ok”

“Yes Nathan!” they all said at the same time

“Ok me and Alex are going to go be good”

I turn to the girl “if there is any problem and you can’t deal with them just ring that ball on the door and I will come but remember the only way for you to pass is if you did a good job on controlling them do you think you have what it takes”


“Ok then by”

I and Alex left the room and trend into our spirit animals

“Ok let’s see how she is doing normally they change character when we leave”

“Ya let’s see ″ when we changed into a spirit animal we went in and she was talking to one of the spirits.

“So what spirit are you” May sed

“ I am the dragon spirit o and my name is Timmy” he smiled

“Hay you princess why are you being so nice you’re sister was a witch to use the last time dissent being a witch run in the family” she smiled very kindly

“Wall my sister is vary mean but do I have to be mean just because she is?”

“O nice come back,” Alex said with a life I just roll my eyes

“W-wall no”

“Well, then I guess we don’t have a problem right?”

“Ya whatever” then he walked away

“Well maybe I was too harsh on him”

I came out of my hiding place it’s time for my turn I walked up to her and she was smiling

“Hello, where’s your name? ″ she picked me up which caught me off guard. Then she put me on her lap your

“fear is so soft”


“O you talk to ″ I feel my cheeks getting warm. dang no one has cared me before I need to get out of hear before she touches my ears then the worst thing happened she touched my ears I jumped off and ran away and transformed back “That was scary” then Alex started to laugh

“You look like you have seen a ghost”

“O shut up” I touch my ears

“So you are still sensitive there”

“Ya, and it’s a pane”.

After a while, we came back in our regular form

“Were back did anyone miss me”

“Nathen!” everyone ran to me”

“Come on I sed me not Nathena” Alex Fronde

“Hay Nathen I sal you get picked up I never thought you of all people can get picked up”

“Ya she just picked you up like nothing”

“It was kinda funny” Alex laughed

“Hello” I turn around and May was standing there and for some reason, my face trend read

I look away


“Why is your face read are you sick”

“No of course not I don’t get sick”

“Come on let’s go we need to finish the test” I grab her by the rest and we walked away

“Hay what for me”.

“Ok the test is done and knows we will call you back if you passed the test I bent down a little in patted her on the head

“You did a good job today o and if I were you I would not pike up the white fox”

“ o is it dangerous no just don’t it gets shy so ya”

“Ok” she smiles at me which makes my heart beat dang she is like a little girl how need protecting

“OK are you done flirting already may” the oldest daughter melody walked up to us dame I don’t like to hear I clear my throat

“Sorry, your sister did a very good job telling your mother that I will be stopping by the palace sometime tomorrow to pick up the queen”. I smiled gently and both of them

”you better head home I will escort you out”.

“So we have are queen ya I guess we do”

“ you don’t sem as mad as I thot you will be “

“Wall she has this kinda ora that draws me to hear like this urge to protect her” I lay down on the bed

“So your happy she is our queen”

I close my eyes “yes”.

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