Meeting the Prince of Darkness

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What will you do when you meet the prince of darkness? Be afraid of him... bow down to him... or run away from him, unlike Alicia who rubbed a chocolate glazed donut on his perfectly ironed white shirt.

Fantasy / Romance
Veronica Miller
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Chapter 1

“ALICIA!!!” screamed Luke, my brother. I looked behind to see him running towards me with pink hair and some pink colored substance dripping from his palms. “Oh no” I said realizing that it is the dye I mixed into his shampoo. Dropping my spoon full of cereal and milk I bolted away from him. “AAAAAAHHh” I screamed while running, feeling the adrenaline rush of flight or fight within me to protect my hair.

“Get back here” he hollered while increasing his pace, however is still far away as I had a head start.

“Nooooo… heyyy… listen you should have thought about that before replacing the cream with toothpaste in my oreos” I screamed back while running.

“Well you did start the prank war,” he said while following me towards the backyard. “I swear to god if this color doesn’t go away before my date I will kill you.” He screamed again, while I solely focused on running away from him.

“Well... I... am... doing... you... a... favor.., I don’t like Lisa at all.” I said breathlessly realizing that I should work out, as just running away from my brother is getting exhausting for me.

Noticing that I am getting tired Luke overtakes my way and blocks me. He lifts his rosy pink hands to show the dye he is about to apply on my hair.

“Ughh, no Luke, stop.” I cried trying to protect my hair with my hands and pushing him away, and attempting to run again.

Keyword here was trying because my attempt was an utter failure, and now both me and him will have pink hair for at least two days. Great.

“I am getting back to you for this Luke.” I said stomping away to wash off the hair dye with my cocoa scented shampoo.

“Yeah, yeah” he said dismissively, waving his hand in the air and rushing to clean his hands as well.

After vigorously rubbing the dye of my hair, I change my outfit to a red and white Christmas sweater and warm black leggings. This was going to be my last Christmas break before I got my college degree in marketing from Boston University, which is like an hour away from my parental house.

Now my exams were getting really close and we had to start to study our assès off to finally graduate.

I go to my desk and sit down and check my schedule and look at my calendar planner and decide on making my study plan before I get distracted.

Finally as I am done I see that one hour has passed and check my phone for any messages.

I notice that my friend Grace has sent me a text

~ Grace: ”Hey gurl”

~ Grace: ”Want to go shopping today? I need to buy some presents and I need your help deciding”

~ Alicia: “Hey girl, yep let’s meet at 11:00 at my place and then we can head off.”

After a while I hear *ping*, I check my phone

~ Grace: "Sounds like a plan to me.”

I go to the bathroom and fix my long wavy black hair mixed with a tint of pink. I check the mirror to see my wheatish skin having a few small pinkish pimples here and there which I let it be and just put on some moisturizer and lip gloss. I check out my outfit on my curvy body, yep I really do need to work out, I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror. I flatten my sweater a little and head down to the living room.

My stomach grumbles as I walk to the living room, so instead I make a turn to the kitchen and make a quick pb&j sandwich for myself before starting to wait for Grace.

I take my sandwich and eat it while reading ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ I know before you wonder why I am reading this instead of just watching the show, well, I just prefer to read books after watching the show just to have a better comparison to get the feel of both of them. Sometimes the book can be better than the show you know, but also because I am kinda also obsessed with all the characters they look so hot in the show if I hadn’t seen the show the book would have been boring to imagine.

As I finished the sandwich the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see my beautiful best friend, Grace, impatiently waiting for me while rubbing her milk soft pale hands together, and looking at the door with anticipation with her hazel brown eyes. “Finally!!! It is freezing out here.” she says barging into the house. Causing me to roll my green eyes. We have been best friends for so long I even wonder why she even rings the bell when she is going to just barge in like that.

She finally turns and notices me and stares at me narrowing her eyes trying to figure something out. “You look different today…” She trails off and her eyes widen as she realizes “did you try dyeing your hair?” She asks me and I roll my eyes in frustration.

“Of Course not, I was trying to prank Luke and well when he showered and changed he noticed his hair had turned pink because I added pink hair dye into it. Then he decides to chase me down and dye my hair as well.” I explain to her. While she stands there and starts laughing. Ladies and gentlemen meet my friend Grace.

“Girl, the pink is not even noticeable, but I am pretty sure Luke is regretting ever trying to go blond because I bet he must be looking like a clown today.” She says, trying to stay calm but eventually bursts out laughing at her own imagination, causing me to roll my eyes again, she is so childish sometimes.

“Ughh.. Grace, let’s just go, don’t you want to buy gifts for your family” I said and took my jacket and shoes out to wear them.

“Wait a minute, I just want to see how he looks right now though hahaha… Oh my god… hahaha,” She pauses her laughter and calms herself down. Noticing that I was not budging from my spot. “please Alicia” she said with the sweetest voice ever and pleaded with puppy dog eyes. She looks so adorable. How can I resist?

“Fine, only because it is funny and stop showing me your puppy dog eyes.” I told her to give in to her ridiculousness. As I dropped my jacket and shoes, she squealed “yesssss, thanks girl.”

We both walked into the living room to look for him, but of course he is not here, so we decided to barge into his room. Oh I wish we hadn’t because as soon as we entered his room packets of flour fell on our head.


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