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this is a story about a child that was blessed by the gods so that when she is of age and can control her powers she will either bring the world to destruction or bring peace to it. On her journey she will experience love loss heartbreak pain and more this is Jade Rose and will she except her faith and bring peace to the world or will she follow the wrong part and lead the world to destruction

Fantasy / Erotica
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It was 2 days before my 220th birthday and I completely dread it, cause, my birthday was always a reminder that I am a freak that is never getting old and I will never get children, nor could I settle down with any man.

Your probably wondering why I called myself a freak, well, I was born with a condition that causes my eyes to be crystal blue but as u know, that is not why I call myself a freak, well u see I am a vampire, fairy, witch, werewolf and a demon goddess, I first realised this when I was 30.

I looked like I was still 18 I did not think anything of it until I killed my first human. When I killed her I felt this searing pain coursing through my body, my eyes were as red as blood and my fangs came in when the pain stopped I thought that was the end so I went to my apartment to do research and to begin showering.

While I was showering I felt this sudden heat then began to scream cause the heat was burning my insides I then felt my bones crack and rearrange itself it was very painful ,I then felt as if something took over my mind and body that was when I heard a voice in my head telling me [give me full control please do u know how hard it was to fight off that stupid vampire jeez all I want is control I need to hunt] "What who is there who are you and what do u want from me I swear I did not mean to kill that girl I was just so angry cause she always bullies me" [I don't care about that infact I am rather proud of you cause when u killed that girl u set all of us free oh and my name Natalia I am your wolf]

"What do u means us who are u you people and what do u mean wolf?" [ugh u ask a lot of questions I will answer your questions after u let me free and give me full control of your body I promise ok?] "ok if u promise but how do I give u control?" [all u have to do is clear your mind and think about a large white wolf with the most gorgeous blue eyes u have ever seen] "ok" after doing what I was told I felt as if I was being sucked into an abyss then I was just paralized I could not move it was if someone was controlling me I then blacked out.
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