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Madame O'Breis's Academy of Magical Misfits

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All are welcome to Madame O'Breis's Academy, where the magically talented challenge and grow their unique gifts in specialised classrooms.They will also learn much more than plain old magic, I can assure you. But don't tell the staff.. Sorry of this summary is badly done. I'm not good at making summaries and I literally can not see what I am writing in the summary, since its stuck on white text on white background.

Fantasy / Adventure
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A Dark and Stormy Day

It was a midsummers day when a fairy flew across burning skies, bringing an important letter to the young son of the King and Queen of Necromancy. She hurried through storm of clouds, hardly dodging the lighting strikes. She glanced towards the hoards of undead beasts, slaving away below her as she finally saw it, a spire, built into the Vibius Mountain, stretching towards the sky.
With the inscribed letter clutched closely to her, she flew into one of many windows of the spire and flopped onto the windowsill with the letter in hand.
"A letter for Nate Nordoniis" she rasped.
The young necromamcer looked up from his study with scarlet red eyes

"I was accepted into The Academy of Magic!?" He exclaimed to the half-dying fairy.
"Yes, Nordoniis, Sir. I believe the letter says to..." She hesitates, raking her frazzled mind for the location.
"To that Cardinal Town, right? Then head to the gate of the Acedemy and show this letter. Sheila told me everything about the opening ceremony"
"T-that's correct, young Nordoniis. I believe you understand well of what you are to do. So I will take my leave."
"Wait! Before you go, have a rest and glass of water. You'll need it for the journey back"
The young Nate Nordoniis then left the room and returned a with a small glass of water and the tiniest bowl he could find, placing them both in front of the fairy. She took the bowl and lifted herself from the windowsill, peaking over the glass. She drank the water thoroughly as Nate studied from his texts once more. Once the fairy was done took flight and left worldlessly.

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