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I watched a video about mermaids and I'm pretty sure this is how curious sailors felt while hearing stories about them.

Fantasy / Poetry
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The old Sailors' Tale
Of men who've fallen for her enchantment
"What rubbish you're talking of!" —
But when I hear her voice through another man's mouth I'm completely subjugated!
Physically petrified, my mind races with ways to reach out
The sound coming from the man isn't the same from her?
The words must have enchanted me
Did she know of me?
Can she feel me the way I feel her?
If I dive into the ocean will I find her like she wants me to—will she give me a chance?
If I reach out while she sings—will she spare her wrath and show me her beauty?
If this spell has thrown me overboard—
Does that make me special or just naive to her intentions...
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