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"Please, don't kill me. I will not tell anything about you or your people." Hazel begged with teary eyes towards the heartless alpha. His signature smirk played on his face when he stood from his chair and walked towards this beating heart. He grabbed her hair and pulled her towards his hard chest. "You did a mistake by saving my life. I will return the favor by making you, my mistress." "No, no...please, I am a human, and you are.." she wobbled. His eyes turned black as the beast inside him growled at her. "You are mine to fuck, mine to ruin, little doctor." He husked with a devilish smile. *** An impossible story between a ruthless werewolf Alpha and an innocent human girl, she saved this monster. Is he going to kill her for saving his life? Or she will live her life on his mercy?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Wyatt & Hazel

A scream with heavy footsteps, running through the woods.

The tweeting, chirping of birds turned into alarm calls.

A man, running through the woods trying to protect his life as someone was trying to hunt him.

A shadow rustled behind him, made him realize. He will not survive for a long time.

His heart was beating like a cannon as the shortage of breath was not helping him catch the amount of oxygen he needs to survive.

He stumbled as his head hit on the ground, and the body started rolling down the hills.

A hand grabbed his falling body off the clip. The grip was so tight that even if he chooses to fall from the cliff, it will not allow him.

His brain stutters for a moment, and his eyes take more light than he expected.

A nude man was standing in front of him.

Shocked, he backed himself. He knew he was not standing in front of a man; he was standing in front of a werewolf.

His eyes were locked at the sight in front of his eyes.

The wolf changed to a human.

Helpless, he kneeled, counted his last breath on earth.

They brought him to an unknown place.

“Don’t kill me,” A scream echoed in the dungeons of Romano’s property.

A territory where no one allowed to enter,

A mansion standing in the suburban area of the Appalachian mountains, surrounded by modern houses.

“Tell me, where did you find all these pictures,” Ruben growled.

The heavy shackles burdened the man’s body as the blood was dripping from his mouth.

“I followed you all for the last two years.”

**Another punch**

Ruben looked at the man standing next to him.

“Call Alpha,”

The man ran towards the mansion that is far from the present location.

Inside Alpha’s room

“Wyatt...” her words cut off as he tugged her panties to the side. Pressed himself against her.

Her startled cry turned into a small scream as he slipped into her body.

Slamming into her, her head connected with the wall with a thump.

He pushed her harder and harder against the wall till her moans turned into painful screams.

The only thing that pleases him is the pain on another person’s face, whether it’s his enemy or his bedroom.

She spasmed, the legs wrapped around his waist, shook her small teeth latch into his shoulder to stop her screaming and letting the whole world know what was going on in Alpha’s bedroom.

As the thumping and pumping stopped, they looked around and found the art from the walls had fallen on the floor.

He backed himself and snuggled himself in his bathrobe.

The lady with her seductive moves came towards him.

“Can I come tomorrow?” She trailed her finger on his jaw.

He clutched her jaw with his hard grip.

“Do not touch my body without my permission,”

He jerked her on the bed.

“And I don’t fuck the same woman twice. You can go now,”

He shrieked as he heard the beats of another heart from the other side of the door.

“Come in,” He pitched his voice.

The man lowered his peer when he saw a nude woman standing in front of him while his Alpha in the bathrobe.

“Alpha, Ruben, captured a human in our territory.”

Wyatt’s jaw clenched as he was looking for this spy for a very long time.

“I am coming,”

The man carried the message to Ruben.

Wyatt Romano,

He is known as the business tycoon in the construction world.

The owner of the biggest construction company in North Carolina.

No one dared to cross his ways when it comes to business.

But this is not it; the truth is something else.

His real face is hidden behind his handsome looks.

The only thing he has different from others is he is the alpha of this urban Appalachian werewolf pack named BLUE MOON PACK. His strength doesn’t come from the humans. His power comes from his pack members.

He became alpha after his parent’s death. Till now, he’s unable to find his mate. Some people think she’d died.

The Blue moon pack is the strongest in the Appalachian mountains.

Every wolf knows who Wyatt is. Power radiated out from every pore of his face. Killing a person was like a game for him. The pain for another person is a pleasure for him. He had the strongest army, the largest pack.

He is 6′2′ tall, and a body built with eight-pack abs.

He has a carved body like a demigod with thick brown curls.

His wolf’s name is Xerxes. Being the Alpha, he is the strongest of all the mountain wolves.

He has cyan blue eyes that turn into a raven black when his wolf shows up.

Although it looks like a normal community developed in the suburban area, in reality, it’s a pack living and protecting each other.

Most of the members are werewolves working and living in this town.

As he entered the dark dungeon, the man in the shackle turned blue.

“You... you... alpha. How... possible..”

Wyatt smirked as he arched his eyes on him.

“Mr. Wyatt Romano. The CEO of Anchor Constructions.”

The man stuttered in fear.

“Yes, it is,” Wyatt replied in his heavy voice.

“How could you be a....” he jerked his hand and tried one last time to open himself from these shackles.

“Werewolf?” Wyatt laughed devilishly.

“I am the man you were looking for.” He added as he settled himself in front of this man.

“Now you know everything. I have to...” Wyatt stopped and looked at him.

His eyes turned from blue to black when a low growl came from his chest.

He could read the horror inside that man’s eyes.

His body started shivering with fear like he saw a monster in the living world.

“Kill you,” Wyatt whispered in his ear.

His hand turned into sharp paws where the nails felt like iron spikes.

“Please, don’t... please, I beg you.”

These were the last words echoed before Wyatt slid down his neck like a slice from his body.

“Clean the place.” Wyatt shrilled.

Ruben followed him.

Ruben is the second strongest wolf after alpha Wyatt. He’s the beta, the second-in-command of the blue moon pack.

They are not just friends but connected through souls.

“Ruben, check his home. We can’t take risk against our pack.”

Ruben nodded as Wyatt started his day with a cold-heart murder.


On the other part of this town, near the mountains, a house filled with morning giggles of this beautiful family.

“Mom, I am done.” The girl shields her breakfast plate by crossing her hands over the plate.

“Hazel, look at you. You are a doctor. You need more strength,”

her mom glared at her for not eating.

“Dad,” Hazel expected her dad’s support in this difficult situation.

He shook his head; without words, he supported her mom.

“Mom, give it to me. I will eat,” an annoying voice interrupted this silent conversation.

Hazel winked towards this young man, her little brother Eason.

She passed her remaining breakfast to this developing teenage boy.

“Thank you, my little brother.” She kissed her forehead and ran outside.

“At least eat a banana.” Mom’s voice echoed through the house.

“I will, in the canteen.”

She waved her hand as she started her old Honda Accord.

“Oh, come on.” she jerked her hand on her old Honda Accord.

Hazel Colton started her job as an intern doctor in the reputed hospital of the city.

The CEO of the Anchored constructions, aka Wyatt Romano, built this City Hospital.

She is new in town as her father shifted two years back in this small place.

Hazel is a bubbly girl who believes, spread love to every corner of the world.

While she was cursing her car to start, she saw a pup lying on the road.

“Oh, my God.”

Hastily she ran, picked it up.

“Oh, poor baby.” She patted him as she saw he was hurt.

With her dad, she drove to the Vet clinic.

Treats that poor soul with love and care.

“Thank you, doctor.” She smiled.

With lots of love, she gave that pup to her dad to take care of it.

“I will see you in the evening. Little boy,”

She reached her hospital where she met her friend. Peter.

“Hey, Peter Pan,” She teased him.

They have been good friends since their college. Although Hazel is new to the town, this town is Peter’s home.

“Hey, Hazelnut,” He teased her back.

They started their day as she told him how she saved a pup.

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