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I Reincarnated as an Elf!

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A person lives multiple adventures until the moment of his death, where everything ends ... or does it? What would you do if, after dying, you wake up in the body of a baby? What if neither you nor your parents were human, but elves in a fantasy world? Web novel that deals with the theme of fantastic reincarnation, where a person from our reality must adapt to a new body and a new planet. Everything is different from what he knows and nothing resembles the fairy tales he read as a child. Adventures, magic, strange events, utopias and dystopias, accompany me on the way to conquer the new life that "destiny" gave him.

Fantasy / Adventure
Paulo Conu
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Chapter 1. Light.

Screams, gasps, explosions and alarm sirens that was the last concert I heard in my life. After that, it was just silence, a long silence that at first made me feel anxious, but, after an indeterminate time, I let myself go and little by little, I lost everything that I once was.

I agreed to let myself be taken to the other world.

Was it Heaven or Hell?

There were many souls gathered, being carried away by an astral current towards the highest and brightest that could be felt. I, like them, let myself be carried away and the feeling became more comforting every moment. It was the last goodbye to what remained of my being.

That was all? Such is the fate that each soul in the universe has in store for?

DEFINITELY NOT! This should be fucking more fun!

“God, if my destiny is to be one with the spiritual universe, what was the meaning of so many thousands of religious beliefs, artistic creations, ideologies and spiritual doctrines? If I deserved Hell, I expected to suffer and make others suffer, seeking to gain a safe place in the underworld, or on the contrary, if Heaven corresponded to me, I longed for the life of higher pleasures, with ambrosia and cherubs that satisfy my needs. However, and aware that they are my last seconds of existence, I have only one complaint.

Where’s the fun, the adventures, and… MY DAMNED SUPERPOWERS ?! ”

A chilling laugh was the last memory of that moment.

I definitely did not merge with the universe, after all, I keep thinking, enough proof of my existence. The current problem is that I have been locked in a foreign body for a long time. At first, I imagined that fate made fun of me, reincarnating me as a deformed worm with little hope of life. Well… it would be fair punishment for not settling for the great spiritual fusion with the universe.

As I prepare to die in this deformed body, I feel for the first time something other than my thoughts, something connected to me in some way, allowing me to feel the totality of the body in which my spirit resides. I feel hands, feet, fingers and a full body! This is definitely not a worm. Little by little I try to adapt to this body, however, I cannot move because I am confined to a small space and tied to it from my navel ... there is no way to ask for help, I float in a liquid that I think allows me to breathe, but my voice does not come out of my mouth.

In my last desperate effort, I try to open my eyes, but there is no light, nothing that can help me until… in a moment, a bright point emerged from the darkness, which seemed to throb and call out to me eagerly. It was my light of hope, without remorse I extend one of my hands and cling to the mysterious glow, praying for the best to happen.

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