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Cole [Book 1 of The Knight Clan Series]

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He found her. She is his destined soulmate. He is intending to keep her. She hates him ever since. She is running. He is hunting down what is his. This story will be filled with explicit sex scenes, explicit sexual language, and the world of werewolves will be how I can imagine it to be. This will be a dark, primal, love story created out of a mix of real primal sexuality and fantasy, find out where the lines get blurry between reality and imagination. "I circled her. Watching and waiting. I could feel the hunt has begun. I watched her becoming nervous. I felt how that fear began to consume her. I could see her chest rise and fall, could see how her pulse quickened. She was my prey, she was my trophy, she was my reward for long waiting. She couldn't escape, she would not escape. I wouldn't let her. She was my prey, she was the one I wanted to hunt down. She was my reward and my trophy. I would catch her and will make her mine, mine only" - Cole Knight

Fantasy / Erotica
DJ Styles
Age Rating:

Storyline Introduction

Introduction to the basics of the story line

Werewolves are real and out there - at least in this story, humans, and Wolves sharing the same space. There are different flocks - humans call it family. All flocks are in an alliance with each other, and this alliance, called the pack, is led by one Alpha. All werewolves have destined soulmates.

Harlow Williams, soon to be 18 years old, is the daughter of Mathew and Charleen Williams, the Alpha and Luna of The Moonlight Pack, small but eloquent. They raised Harlow to be a Luna one day, but she doesn’t believe in the superstitious soulmate nonsense and the old traditions. The only thing Harlow knew about the mating was the difference between a normal and an Alpha mating. But she doesn’t know how it works exactly. Not knowing she is the destined Luna for Alpha Cole Knight and still convinced of being able to choose by herself, she is trying to get away from home on the night of her 18th birthday. She carries a special gene that makes her so important for the Knight Clan. Harlow’s wolf is named Tindra. She should learn, she can't run, she can't hide, because he will hunt her down and make her his.

Cole Knight, 28: Alpha over an alliance of about 15 flocks, that’s his pack and over his own flock - known as Knight Clan - the strongest known flock and in some ways special compared to all the others. Knowing who his destined Luna would be, he waited for 7 years for her to reach legal age already. As Alpha he can’t choose for himself, he has a destined soulmate somewhere. Because of the Knight genes, there are special mates out there, only born to be the Luna for a Knight Alpha. The whole Knight Clan is into the BDSM Lifestyle for generations and all the males are dominant, primal and they have a sadistic side. Cole’s wolf is named Abel. If necessary he would hunt her down, but on the other way he like it that way, catch his prey and make her his because she has always been meant for him, and only him.

Normal mating process:

Mate, by own choosing, needs permission from the Alpha, is breakable. In the mating process, both mark each other.

Alpha mating process:

Not of own choosing, still the destined soulmate, so the wolf’s side chooses the mate. Only Alpha daughters can be Luna’s. The marking already begins with the first interactions, kissing, or other sexual-related body contacts. The more contact, the stronger the bond. At the end of the mating process, they mark each other. This bond is irreversible and holds a lifetime.

Alphas are usually dominant. Lunas are usually submissive to their mates. But the Alphas from the Knight Clan are not only dominant but they are called Masters and primal, they are sadists and crave an entirely different Luna. Their lunas are made especially for their preferences, more submitting but only to them.

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