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Living Hell

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Sophie is a human girl that is bought by the leader of the Bari, Damion. Damion needs a girl that he can reproduce with. Hoping Sophie is the deal breaker.

Fantasy / Romance
Cecilia Byrd
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Chapter 1

¨Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m the last survivor of the Taiga clan.¨

¨Hello, Sophie.¨ said everyone at the CLB support group. It was a year ago that my home was invaded by creatures that call themselves Bari. They were intelligent, beautiful, and lethal. All the families in my town were wiped out including mine. I was getting ready for my arranged marriage with the counsel chief, when the attack happened.

The Bari weren’t aliens, but everyone knew they didn’t come from space, they’ve been on earth but no one knows for how long. Rumor has it that they were experiments gone wrong, seeing as they reproduced so quickly, excelled healing, and long life spans.

It’s now been two years since that day and the town created a group called CLB, we talk about our hopes and what we have lost, what was gained, and rebellion. The 10 of us, including me, was all we had left. Each of us came from neighboring towns. During the initial attack they began killing off the old, and the newborn children, but some of the teens had escaped like Rosa and Santiago.

The sun was now setting and we had to end our meeting, the Bari didn’t know that we had formed. If they did they would want to sit in and supervise. Then we wouldn’t be able to speak freely.

We all left and went to our homes which were all occupied with one Bari. As soon as I entered mine I heard yelling.

¨WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HUMAN! You should have been here an hour ago ¨ I rolled my eyes.

¨Sorry, Ernest, the market was busy and the bus was late ¨ I lied.

¨Did you get everything¨ He asked, going through the bags. I sighed at the sight in front of me. He looked like every other Bari, super tall, and his skin was tan and smooth like a child´s but you could tell he was only about forty to forty-five years old.

Bari can reproduce in two ways, they can mate and have a baby or they can be turned like a vampire or zombie with one bite.

The bell rang throughout the town signaling curfew, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

When I woke up the next morning, everyone was being called to the town center. Well just the humans, the Bari were going and dragging everyone out of their homes. It didn’t take long. Once everyone was outside we were told to shut up.

We stood waiting as they walked up and down in the lines we had formed. No one dared to speak out of fear of being killed. That didn’t stop the question in our head: what’s going on? What’s going to happen?

We were sent back to our homes without an explanation and weren’t allowed to leave. It’s been hours since we were told to go home. With a knock on the door I was about to find out why.

¨Sophie Evergreen, this is Robin, he is going to be transporting you ¨Ernest explained. This can’t be happening. I can’t leave my home. Not like this.

¨Where ?¨I asked, slowly moving back.

¨You’re being moved elsewhere, across town.

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