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Peyton grew up in a small town a town where everyone knows everyone and crime very rare but when these new people come in to town Peyton’s world gets switched upside down .

Fantasy / Romance
Peyton Williams
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𝙴𝚙𝚒𝚜𝚘𝚍𝚎 𝟷

The day was like any other day I woke up, took a bath, and put on clothes to go to school as soon as I walked in my best friend Lisha her real name being Alisha as we were talking she looked up and her mouth drop when I looked up I saw the most gorgeous people in town knowing they were new kids the most popular girl ( Ashley ) and her cliche walked up in front of them and started talking to them the boy who was the sexiest rolled his eyes as his eyes met mine and I look down after being compromised up I look back up to see the guy smiling as I look back down and I start to talk to Lisha. One of the prettiest girls I have ever seen pushed Ashley, out the way as the group began to walk away and Ashley rolled her eyes as she walks away. The rest of the day goes by in a flash. After school, me and Lisha made our way to our favorite diner we sat down and ordered our regular as the guy I saw from earlier and his group entered laughing as I look down not trying to be noticed as they walked to a booth and sat down a few minutes later I felt eyes on me as I glanced back and I meet his eyes his perfect light blue eyes pierced through me as I stand up and rush out of the diner and Lisha follows behind me and I tell her I don't fee well as I head home I start to hear footsteps behind me as I start to speed up I look back and see nothing . It getting darker I start to see my house feeling a little relaxed as I start to run towards it the guy steps in front of me as I fall on to him and I sit up and look down at him you scared me as he laughs I didn’t mean to scare you it’s just you’ve been starring at me all day and you haven’t introduced yourself I stand up and help him up well I’m Peyton and I didn’t mean to stare I just don’t see a lot of new people in school he looks at me like he’s trying to read me as I looked over at my place and he snaps out of it sorry I didn’t mean to be weird well yeah I don’t know how we ended up here I laugh well it’s a little late I should get home he nods yeah I’ll walk you home I say it’s fine but he said he insisted as he walks me home I feel weird about it as we get to my place and my mom opens the door and I wake at him walking in as I see him walk off and my mom says who’s the hottie I laugh mom he’s in my school mom and it’s nothing as I walk upstairs to my room and I take off my clothes and slip on my pjs and I lay in my bed thinking of the new guy not even knowing his name as I blush and I fall asleep minutes after a few hours later I roll over and I open my eyes slowly seeing a pair of red eyes in my window .
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