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Black Fang

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The world broke but humanity lived on. Follow the Broken as as they fight to rebuild when mother nature ravages all that once was.

Fantasy / Action
Helmra Game
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Chapter 1


The Fall. That’s what it had cone to be known as. Civilization as it were had come to grinding halt. The change to rapid and the world unready the population had plummeted to under half a billion, well that’s what the scientists said.

Lisa Neha had been born before the Fall, too young to remember the world before. The stories from before were a constant reminder of how terrible could be. How selfish everyone will be if given a chance.

As the X1 cut through the overgrowth, she felt every bump, every rock in their path yet her head remained steady. Not even her wavered to the wind.

The village had been a lucky find, unlucky if looked at from the or he side. Just barely at the edge sectors, it was too small to be a threat. What is represented had Lisa worried.

The citadel had to be protected, that much was clear and she would do all she could to keep it safe.

The engine whined as the climb worsened, oversized tires grinding rocks beneath them.

Sunrise was still minutes away.

Forest missions were awful.

Should have stayed on patrol duty. She sighed feeling the black steel gun.

Nothing good ever came from standing in a guardian’s way, more so one as powerful as Neha. The lead car kept meandering as they sped through the forest. They made it to literal wall of trees.

“Your orders?”

She nodded as if agreeing with someone. “Leave someone at the car’s. We continue on foot. Two on me the rest secure the perimeter. ”

“Rules. ”

She cast her eyes to her gun. “Last option is to kill. Let’s try talk in to them first. I don’t want to have to explain to White why the village got wiped out so don’t make me.”

The soldier gazes a stiff salute beyond he quickly leaped of barking orders as he went.

“This is going to be a pain.” She sighed softly.

Fear is for the weak. Guardians are not weak. She could almost hear lady White lecturing her.

There was path the lead deeper into the dark. Finding everything to satisfaction she took the path sliding the gug into its holster.

Undauntedly Neha kept following the narrow path as it meandered through the forest ignoring the wolves that had been following. Leaving the fauna behind her she kept to the path as it led to an earth and stone wall. Dirt crumbled off the wall much to her disappointment when she brushed against it.

A massive crude wooden gate bared her way. Using a bit of her power it effortlessly opened, she strutted through into the village not minding the snarling wolves behind her. They had been with her throughout her trek in the forest, but had done nothing but snarl at her.

Her guards kept out of side all the time.

Feeling disappointment with the wolves she couldn’t help but frown.

“Someone’s been busy.” Her voice monotone she gazed at the little village beyond the walls.

A dirt path led to the centre of the village, already awake as people went about all over the place.

The sound quickly died out as the residents picked out the intruder.

They knew she was coming, glancing about she felt for the familiar feel of the link.

Standing in the centre she waited as the people quickly shut themselves in their homes the fear evident in their eyes.

“Who are you?”

A large man planted himself in front of her, a little girl peering out from behind the large man.

“You the one in charge of this place?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Guardian Neha.”

“Troy.” He ground out, arms folded as he tried to make himself appear even more menacing.

“Are you lost princess?” Troy said his voice flat he took a step, “You turn back the way you came now, I’ll let you leave with all your limbs attached.”

Lisa gave him a wan smile.

The centre was practically empty now and yet she felt watched.

“You’ve trespassed into citadel land; your leaders are to present themselves before the council of elders.”

“This wolf land, no citadel rules....”

Lisa close her eyes and exhaled. Her back warmed the glyph awakening, a raging force deep within boiling to the surface.

She moved, closing the gap between them in an instant. Grabbing troy by the hand she flung him at her guards.

With practiced ease they quickly tied and knocked him unconscious, letting him drop to the floor.

Lisa turned to the girl.


“Daddy! Give me back my father.” the girls eyes glowed with suppressed rage.

Lisa ignored her.

“Die witch!”

“Little girl, get lost.” Lisas voice came out soft, barely more than a whisper and yet fear gripped the little girl like a vice. Her wolf rose in her pushing to the surface. With the little willpower she had left she gained back control, only just barely. She was shivering and she couldn’t say why.

The fear coiled around her like a snake, its hold tightening with her every breath.

“You...?” she broke down.

The steel greys cut through her, the emptiness in them forcing her wolf deeper down until she couldn’t feel it anymore. Seeing herself reflected in them, her mind lost itself in the storm of power. The girl saw herself lying in a pool of her own blood, tied up with her own entrails.

“Curious little thing, aren’t you?” quicker than the girl could react Lisa closed the gap between them, fingers gently caressing her neck. “Such a powerful heart... just one little nick and this little puppy is no more. Or wolf as it were.”

Emotion surfaced behind Lisas eyes for a moment. Passing too fast for the girl to place it.

A heavy silence descended upon the place; the pressure Lisa oozed petrifying the little wolf where she stood. Everyone else was gone and none dared to brave the monsters attention to save the girl.

“My name is Lisa,” she said her hand leaving the girls neck. “Whats yours?”

“Ccyth. Cynthia.”

“Hello Cynthia, I like your hair. Do you like mine?”

“Yes. Please Im sorry, II diI didn’t mean to.” Cynthia was close to tears now, Please dont hurt me.”

Cynthia trembled, eyes frantically shifting from Lisas hand to her face.

“It’s okay, I understand.” She chuckled at the girls reaction. “You have to look after your pack, right? Im not going to hurt youmuch.”

A new scent came with the wind, causing her to frown. This was the only village for miles. Every person who belonged she had long since placed into memory. If not by face it was by scent. This one she didn’t know.

Opening her mount to ask Cynthia, another oddity finally reared its head. The girl was right in front of her and yet she couldn’t pick out her scent.

Putting all the questions that now clouded her mind she gave Cynthia a smile before turning to face the stranger.

A massively built man silently made his way to them. His thin presence raising alarm in Lisas mind. His every motion calm, calculated. From the power in his strides to the placement of his hands.

His eyes had a dull muddy glow to them. Yet she was sure he was more than he let on.

“Apologies for the terrible reception and Cynthia’s lack of maturity.” He said bowing his head at Lisa. The silky soft voice felt out of place for her.

“You are a big one aren’t you.” She murmured as she sized the man up. What have they been feeding you?

What he was saying and what she was reading from his face were two different things. He was anything but apologetic. And if he had seen everything why wait till now to come out?

No longer having Lisa’s interest Cynthia ran away.

“Just getting to know each other is all. You’re?”

“This one answers to the name Gerard. Again, my apologies and welcome to Le Wolf.”

Lisa walked up to Gerard. Pushing down the irritation she felt at having to look up at the man.

“Last I checked this place was S1N23. When did that change?”

“The people needed a more home like name. The alpha’s decided to name it so. We weren’t aware we had done something we shouldn’t.”

Lisa chuckled, “The people was it? Sadly, I’m going to have to ask you to get your alpha out here.”

Gerard stiffened. “Im afraid that he is preoccupied at the moment.

“I wasn’t asking big G. In about 30 seconds if I dont see an alpha in front of me, Ill have to search for one. Dont make me do that, I hate having to do works thats not supposed to be mine. I get cranky and you wont like me when I get cranky.

Gerard balled his hands “The citadels kindness shines through you.”

“Don’t be that way. Move your ass or stay out of my way. The choice is yours; seconds be ticking.” She flashed him a smile, “What, did you think youd come out and little old me would get scared and run away?”

He glared at Lisa.

“Maybe it be best if you leave our village.”

“Maybe pass on my message first. I’d like to hear what the big dog has to say before I go.”

“I asked you to leave.”

She shook her head, “You all should stop acting like you know me at all.

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