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Brooklen runs away from home only to find herself even more confused. She is forced to make complex decisions. Sometimes she is even left to question right from wrong, and has to look deeper to find who the true villains are.

Fantasy / Adventure
BS Productions
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The Beginning

I wish things could have worked out better and it didn't have to come to this, but here I am seconds away from submitting my application to join Barrwood Middle School a private school hours away from home.
Maybe if I had been nicer, more polite, or smarter, No! I can't think like that. If my parents had been wiser I wouldn't have even tried to look into this. I still can't decide if this is the right choice. I better sleep on it before I submit my paper.
How did I even get here? I guess it all started when I was very young(As if being 10 wasn't already young) It's very difficult living up to my parents impossible expectations. Grounded if I got less than an A+ on a test, expected to act three times my age, and told the only thing that will get me anywhere is academics to most people seems a bit harsh. Even I thought that, but they insisted that they were helping me. They also would tell me that since I was a young girl I should be thankful that I get to have a good education. While I'm very grateful, overworking and burning out someone is not a good way to teach. It doesn't even end there each night I would be forced to stay up past a healthy bedtime to study collage level material. Even though it is my dream to get excepted into a good collage, This isn't how I want to learn. I guess this is why I want to leave my parents. It won't be easy escaping, but If I want to I'll have to think of something. I guess I better go to sleep now.
Another morning, I'm woken up by the early California sun. While I'm still forced to study five hours a day, at least It's not as intense as during the school year. I wash up and go to the kitchen. My family lives in a very nice house. I wouldn't say "rich" but definitely higher middle class. We live in a very big house with a loft on the left side where my bedroom and bathroom is. My parents are kind of heath nuts, so for breakfast I grab some "healthy" oatmeal(As if oatmeal isn't already healthy) I pour my self a glass of water and start eating. It's about six thirty in the morning, so my parents aren't up yet. I decide to go back to my room and finish getting ready. After I'm ready, I go outside. We live in a suburban area where there are a few neighbors, and we have a pretty big back yard. It's not giant but also not super tiny. I say "Hi" to the neighbor's kids. One is seven, and the other one is six. Seeing them is always the highlight of my day. After a few minutes, I go back inside to see my mom looking very serious. I ask her what she needs, and she responds with, "Well, you see Brooklen I decided That it would be best if during the school year if you had no access to electronics. I understand you need your laptop for school, so I will monitor you then. I will also be regularly checking your search history. Understood?" I couldn't believe she had just said that, so I just stood there in shock slowly nodding my head. After she exits, I rush back to my room and start crying. I decided now I would definitely submit it now. I go to my computer, and with shaky hands I send in my resume. There is no turning back now.
Now there's only two things left to do 1. hope that they except my application. This will be the easy part. They're know to accept pretty much anybody, so I'm overqualified. 2. Figure out how to get there. Currently I'm in Ventura and need to get to Fremont, and it looks like traveling by car is the fastest. I try to think of who I could talk to. I don't have any relatives that I trust that live near us, and I don't many friends( Thanks to my parents) I guess I'll just have to take a train. It should take me about 8 hours to arrive and about a 10 minute walk to get to the station. It will take about three trains to get there, so I don't want to overpack. That way I will be able to move between trains quickly.
The only question now is, how will sneak out? The first train leaves at 10:50 in the afternoon, so I want to leave at around 10:30 to make sure I get there in time. Luckily, my parents are at work during that time. The security cameras will be easy. I just need to take a picture of what the cameras see, print it, and tape it in front of the camera. They have that in about every spy movie.
I went to my mom and told her that since middle school was only two weeks away, I wanted to start to practicing photography, so I could do it as an elective. She said that it was a very good idea. Little did she know. I got to work. She soon drove off to her job. The cameras alert her when it detects something, so I went to her home laptop and shut them off. My parents are normally both always on their laptops for work, so they don't normally make sure the the cameras are okay. I print all the photos and tape them to my wall then I go out side and get all the cameras and place them in their spots.
Now my plan is perfectly in place all I have to do now is wait a week for Barrwood to send back my papers then I can finally have the freedom I've always wanted. No constant peering over my shoulders, no more presser, and no more being trapped. Just freedom.
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