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Blake Legacy : Book 1

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Alexander is not ordinary. His mother was taken when he was still young and he never knew his father. His journey will be difficult and he does not even know what he is.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 : Beginning

I could hear them running towards me. They are shouting something but I seem to not understand. The sun has set and the moon is bright.
I always hated being born in a family where your was chosen before you were even born. It started with my grandfather who got mystical powers from an old woman. He could do anything. He became the most powerful magical being. Then he gave birth to my father who went and slept with a vampire pure blood. When my mother found out that they wanted to kill her she ran away. She later found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to me by herself in the forest we lived. My father got married to another woman and had a son. That son grew up being told that my mother's kind needed to be destroyed along with the other species.
In the forest where I grew up my mother taught everything that is to know about werewolves, vampires, witches and even humans.
Last night l was sitting with my mom having a human lesson when some men badged into our home with swords and guns. Seeing this my mother touched my head and put an image there. She told me to run as fast as l can until l've reached that destination.
I could still hear my mom's last words in my head as I ran,"Run Alex. Run like the wind and don't look back. We will meet again."
** ** **
They are here. I could hear their shouts. I stood up and looked up the tree. Then I climbed it. When I was high enough I looked down and saw them. They were all dressed in black. Then a man, holding hands with a boy about my age, came into view. They walked away and I climbed down. I carried my satchel and turned towards the direction my mother put in my head. As I was walking away I realized that l had finally seen my brother.


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