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My Favorite Sin

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Before I tell you about my story, I'm going to give you some honest advice. Don't get drunk and fall down a hole. IF you do fall down that hole and someone else is in that hole, don't take anything they offer you. ANYTHING. It'll save your self a lot heartache. I was born Mary Douglas, but over the years and different professions I'm known as Sin. Why? Because I am a Sin. I help take care of the bad guys so good people can sleep a little easier. Doesn't make me a hero, just a bad person who's good enough to do bad things for the right reasons. I will do anything to protect the ones I care about, no matter who tries to take me down.

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1 Pain






Pain, that’s all I feel right now. My temples ache with this head-splitting throb and it feels like I’ve been in a car wreck. There’s a putrid, metallic taste like blood and vomit in my mouth. Did I have another heavy night of binge drinking? That’s when I noticed the tug in my arm and the feeling of being dragged across the dirty, filthy ground..... then the feeling of something sliding down from my temple. My eyes open and I see the used bullet settling in the dirt that just worked its way out of my skull as I’m dragged along.

The memories came rushing back in a whirl of being caught by a bunch of drug cartel thugs and being shot in the head after they questioned and searched me.

I had told them tears in my eyes, ′ I was out hiking and got lost.′ In reality, I had been having fun putting little... presents for them later. They found me only because I let them. I pretended to struggle as I let them force me inside one of the metal warehouse buildings.

They searched me better than airport security at customs, at least I didn’t get the latex glove type of search. It felt like they should have offered to buy me a drink, at the least, first. Finding nothing they slapped me around before destroying my dead cellphone. They didn’t care about what I had to say as I begged them to let me go. Then they put me on my knees and pulled the trigger.

Then nothing, but now, I’m awake again.

" Damn this dumb, heavy, bitch!” The lackey of these drug runners curses at me before dropping my arm to the floor. I remain still not wanting to miss the shock and surprise that’s about to show up on his stupid, vile, cracked-out face.

That’s when I hear the quiet shuffles of little feet nearby. I chance a peek through my lashes and see crude-made bars for a holding cell and a few sets of dirty little toes moving away from the bars. The lackey turns to the cell and starts yelling at whoever is in there.

“You little shits better just back away and remember to behave or you’ll end up like this piece of dead trash. Tomorrow you’re going to see the doc before you end up in your new ‘forever home’.” He laughs at the trembling kids with the quiet sobs as he continues to taunt them.

‘These sick bastards!’

I start to stand up quietly, slowly as he’s taunting the children who they plan on turning into “human mules” for their drug-running operation. One pair of eyes catch mine, these big brown eyes belonging to a young boy, that suddenly sparkles with a glimmer of hope seeing me.

I give him a lopsided grin before tapping the lackey’s shoulder.

“What the---!” This stupid idiot starts to stutter before I notice he’s pissed himself and from the smell, those pants are never going to be washed by anyone ever again.

“What’s the matter?” I ask a little innocently but my sinister intent was all too evident in my eyes.

“You look like you’ve had an accident” I point to his obvious spot, ” looks like “the trash” is going to have to take you out.”

I pull out my hidden needle blade from my coat sleeve hem and before he’s able to yell out, I stab him deep into his eye. His hands were halfway up to try to defend himself but quickly dropped along with his twitching body as I used his gravity as he fell to retrieve my weapon.

“Man! I should start wearing a go-pro when I do this. I’ll never be able to replicate that again!” I exclaim in disbelief as I imagine that looked as cool as it felt.

I look up and remember the kids in the holding cell are looking at me with shocked and blank faces.

*awkward silence for a few seconds*

There are ten gaunt, dirty kids in old worn-out clothes, in this makeshift holding cell. They seem to be between the ages of 6-13.

‘If I had not shown up...’

These kids are lucky I came today.

" I’m not here to hurt you guys,” I said hoping I didn’t scare them.

“We know.” one little girl around 10 says, her brown eyes solemn.

*click goes the light bulb in my head*

‘oh yeah, he was just dragging my body, huh?’

Shrugging with embarrassment I check the lackey for keys grimacing as his pockets are wet from his earlier reaction from fear and remind myself to bleach the hell out of my hands later.

Suddenly another little girl speaks quietly, ” lady, the keys on the wall behind you” and I looked up to follow her dirty hand in the direction she’s pointing.

I look at the key, her, the dead lackey, and my hands which I want to burn off me right now, before getting the key to let out the kids.

" You guys know how to get out of here?” a few shake their heads yes.

" Okay, you guys need to wait until you hear a lot of commotion outside, you will hear a big blast, the bad guys will be distracted up there, that’s when you’re going to run and get out of here. Now I have friends out there that are going to be shooting at the bad guys so don’t get in the way and don’t pick up a weapon unless you have to. They will have a badge on their chest. If you see that badge they will help you. If you don’t see them, keep running until you get to a town. Go to the police, fire department, a hospital, wherever you get to first, they will help you, trust no one unless you see a badge.” I tell them quickly and earnestly knowing I can’t protect them all when the chaos starts.

I get nods of agreement before I leave turning to head back up from the basements dug out hallways following my drag marks my body left. I check to see and listen for any movement outside the dug hallways.

Once I’m sure it’s clear, I check my shoe’s hidden compartment for my remote detonator. It’s for the ‘presents’ I set up earlier around the warehouse compound and a couple of trucks before I got ‘caught’.

‘Good it’s still there.’

Quickly attaching it to my strap on the palm of my glove and grab my Bluetooth headset from the other shoes’ spot.

I press the button and immediately a male voice anxiously picks up, ” Sin! what the hell is going on in there?”

I roll my eyes. ‘there is my mother hen’,

" Well, you know, they invited me in for tea and cakes before putting lead in my head.” replying with as much sarcasm as I could whisper to him.

" Damn it Sin, I can feel your eyes rolling through the phone. Now when should I send in the team.”

′ Oh, a frustrated response? He was worried. I have got to keep this up.′

“Didn’t we have this talk earlier today? I feel like you just don’t listen to me anymore. Have you heard a boom by chance?” asking him sounding pitiful and dripping with sarcasm.

" No. ” He grunts in response after a long breathy sigh.

" Well then once you hear the boom you can send in your boys. Heads up though, there will be kids heading out once I blow shit up. They were planning to make them into pack mules the poor things.” I get serious again and shake my head in disgust.

“Okay we can handle the kids, I’ll let the team know to show them their badge if they run across them. Sin, make sure you blow some of these bastards up, they don’t deserve to rot in prison.”

I chuckle “Will do.”

Grinning, I hang up and put the Bluetooth back in my shoe before swiftly turning around to see the little boy I first saw earlier.

" Get out of here kid, it’s about to get crazy and I can’t be worrying about you too.” He shakes his head and just stares at me.

‘Stubborn little lad. I don’t have time to argue with him.’

I shrug, “It’s your funeral then kid if you can’t stay out of sight or get caught with me.”

I creep further up into the warehouse from the basement scaring the hell out of the two guys walking around before slicing a throat and stabbing the other one in the eye. That blade retrieval was not nearly as smooth as the last. I had to step on his body and yank it out hard just to fall on my rear. I stand up and rub my tailbone before it’s back to normal.

The last guy I found before heading out of the basement was about to shoot up. I was attempting to creep up on him and end it quickly until the door creaked that was open when I touched it.

When he saw me he plunged his drug-filled syringe in his arm before standing up to fight me.

“I don’t think you should have done that.” I nonchalantly shrugged my shoulders as I saw the change in him as the drugs rapidly hit him. His eyes seemed to glaze over before he started acting all macho.

“Whatever bitch, if you weren’t dead before, you’re about to be now.” he stands, fists up and takes a swing.

Dodging his first couple of fists, then blocking them left and right. He fakes a right hook that I fall for, giving his left fist the opportunity, and dislocates my jaw.

By the way, I’m not a great boxer.


Crying out as my dislocated jaw makes my lower lip jut off to the side and the blood flows from my mouth.

I stand up and wipe some blood off my drooling mouth, tears pouring down my cheeks. It hurts like hell but I feel the twinge as my body starts the repair.

He laughs seeing me crying. Then suddenly he stops and looks again at me before his eyes widen in shock. My jaw pops back over where it belongs and I spit the leftover blood and saliva at his feet.

" Is that all you got?” Laughing at my cheesy borrowed line before seeing him start to gasp for air.

He starts to vomit and that’s when I hear the ‘death rattle’ of his gurgling, gasping last breaths.

I smile and chuckle ironically as he falls to the ground unable to keep himself upright as he’s overdosed on his drugs. “You know what they say, sometimes our self is our worst enemy. Looks like you took care of yourself for me.”

I turn to head farther out of the warehouse before giving him one last bit of advice, “Don’t you know you shouldn’t do drugs? They’re bad for you.”

I laugh as I hear his aggravated angry gurgles as he drowns himself in his blood and vomit.

The kid is still following me and I motion for him to stay down while I peak out to the Warehouse floor. The large loading bay door is open and I see a bunch of thugs hanging on one of the vehicles outside. One that I rigged with C-4 earlier. I pull myself back and tell the kid to take cover and cover his ears.

He looks up at me with his eyes shining from his dirty face before doing what I said as I get down low too.

With a devious smile, I open my palm and press the trigger on the remote.


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