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A Shattered Angel

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A Shattered Angel Rebekka is an abused fifty year old woman who is married to her husband of twenty three years. He has been abusing her ever since their second year of marriage and has never stopped. He soothingly hates her and their son, Sam, and wish that they were dead. He has put her into the hospital so many times she has become a frequent flyer patient so much so that the nurses and doctors are willing to go to lengths to protect her and Sam get out of their situation and into protective housing. But she keeps going back to Carson, her husband, all the time until one day her cousin Dee comes in and takes charge of the situation along with her brother-in-law, Evander Lyons-Mackley. Turns out that Rebekka is Evanders mate and he will do anything to take her away from her abusive husband for good, even if it means luring him someplace where he will never return from. She calls her cousin tells her the bad news that her father passed and she needs her. Dee takes Evander with her and when he meets Rebekka his dragon pipes up and starts dancing and singing 'mate'. Will Rebekka let Evander take charge of her situation or will she fight him on it? She is a Shattered Angel

Fantasy / Romance
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***** NOTICE*****

This story may have trigger points for those who went or are going through some kind of abuse. If so, I really do not mind if you skip the story or the chapters that do.

“Carson, Sam dinner is ready go wash up and have a seat at the table.” Rebekka yells out the door.

“Coming mom! What is for dinner it smells good.”

“Thank you baby, now go wash up. Where’s your dad?”

“He did not say anything about coming but I know he heard you. I even told him to come on let’s go eat and he threw a wrench at me as I was leaving,”

“Here sit and start eating, I will go get your father.”

Rebekka goes out to the garage and is met with a hammer thrown at her, this time she ducked so she would not get hit. She is so tired of being battered everytime she sees him.

“Carson why are you doing this? It is dinner time for once just come in and eat like a family does. It really won’t kill you to do this you know.”

“Shut the hell up bitch! I will never eat dinner with you and Sam and you know it so quit trying. You are such a waste of time, piece of shit, both of you are.”

She just turns and walks back inside and sits down to the table where she and Sam start praying for their meal and thanking God for their food and blessing them for what they have.

Sam is seventeen years old with reddish brown hair and Hazel round eyes and a senior in high school and cannot wait to leave the house to get away from his father but is very reluctant to leave Rebekka behind. He knows all too well that he will never see his mother again if he leaves her in this house with his abusive father, she will end up in the hospital again but this time when she goes she will go straight to the morgue.

Carson Niles is a fifty year old man with dark brown hair and almond shaped brown eyes, who was abused by father growing up everyday, every second he was awake and sometimes when he was asleep. His mother was the same way and he swore he would never turn out like his mom or dad but he actually did. He did not know how to control his anger and took it out on his family and refused to get help, he doesn’t think he has a problem, it’s everyone else who has the problem.

Rebecca is a sweet, light red hair with blonde highlights and green round eyes. She is a hard working fifty year old woman who comes from a hard working family that loves hard and plays hard. But when she met Carson her world stopped and she married into an abusive family without even knowing the background. Her family, specially Dee Lyons-Mackley, has tried to get her to leave him and take Sam with her since he was at the age of three. She has stayed all these years and Dee knows that she is a shattered angel and cannot take much more abuse.

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