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'Grief is the price you pay for love. Everyone knows that, but have you ever felt that? But the question is: Can you handle the truth? Can you take responsibility for the mistakes of the others who tried to hide it? I mean how bad can it be, right? Well, that's what I thought before having to face a war between two nations because of these darn lies!' Lilith just turned 16. YAY! She expected it to celebrate with her grandma like every year but she passed away unexpectedly. After her death, things start to take a turn for the worst. She had an argument with her sister and found out about her deep dirty secret. Her mother refused to come out of her shell. Depressed and lonely she got stuck unable to get out. But after unknown mysterious messages, she begins to suspect that her grandmother's death wasn't so natural as they thought it was and slowly started discovering the truths she wasn't ready to hear. Suddenly she becomes the most important person and all the people around her act like complete strangers. A story with death, grief, war, betrayal as well as love, trust, and hope. * 2~3 chapters every weekend. !! THE COVER PHOTO OF THIS BOOK IS NOT MINE! IT IS TAKEN FROM XTRAFONDOS. ALL THE CREDITS GO TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

10 years ago,

Lilith’s PoV:

I heard my parents yelling at each other downstairs. I climbed the stool and locked the door carefully. I tried not to tumble down the chair. I did as big sis told me to. I sat down on the cold hard ground and began to color the picture I drew. Who It was off? it was of me, mommy, big sis, and daddy together. I love my family very much, except when mommy and daddy fight.

It went on for hours. It usually cools down before bedtime. Then mom comes upstairs and tucks me in bed and tells me stories. I loved to listen to the stories. They were usually of snow queens, people who live inside animals, ghosts in trees and fairies, and magic people who live in the mountains. I love magic. I like to have magic one day. Granny tells me lots of stories too.

I mostly stay with her when dad returns. Granny’s house is far away from home. It was old and smelled like old cheese, but I still love to go there with my sister and Mr. cuddles. Mr. cuddles are my white teddy bear mom got me for my birthday. I usually sleep with him.

Granny would tell us stories about fairies, yeti’s, magical birds, and Tritunies. She said that Tritunies were a secret group of people with supernatural powers.

‘Where do they live grandma?’ I asked in a very keen manner. I want to know where they live so I can go and visit them one day. ‘Legend says that you can’t find them, but they will find you.’ She said as she strolled down her hand between our cat Patrick’s bright orange fur with yellow stripes.

Sissy didn’t believe her. She laughed and accused grandma of making the story up. But I believed it. Grandma never lies to us. All of her stories are true. I saw the dream fairy in my dream once. It was so real! Grandma chuckled lightly and said: ‘Oh, maybe dear, maybe.’ What does that mean?

Anyway, I got used to the fights. I love dad, but I think he hates me. He isn’t usually around. I think it’s because of me. I overheard mom saying to grandma that he isn’t talking to her since I was born.

Dad usually comes back on the weekends and sometimes on weekdays. He said that I don’t belong in this family. He told me he could’ve just put me in adoption. He told it was my fault he and mom fights. My eyes started to get watery on hearing these words. Oh, is it my fault? So, is that the reason why everyone keeps giving cold looks at me? Is that why the kids at school tease me and bully me? But what did I exactly do? Is being born my fault? Why isn’t no one answering?

So, I tried not to be such a burden. I figured that if I was a good girl mom and dad wouldn’t fight and we could all be together. So, the past week I did good things. I got a 10 for my math test today and I even helped a girl get up after she fell down during P.E. I helped mom by cleaning the dishes. But my hands were small and weak so mom said she’d do it herself. I tried to help daddy by arranging all the files on his work desk but I messed them all up in the end and got scolded by him.

‘Ugh, Can’t you do anything right? Why are you so useless??’ he yelled and threw a file at me and I started crying. It stung so badly.

Today mom was about to drop me at grandma’s house again. She told me it was better for us. Just as we were leaving when suddenly daddy came in with a bottle in his hand and started yelling mean words at mom. We were all shocked and stunned on seeing him. Boy, he’s early.

I got really mad and defend mommy by saying he was the mean person leaving all of us alone. He got even madder and scolded me to stay out of this. Then he pushed me out of the way as if I was trash. Mom told us to get in the car.

Sis snatched my hand and pulled me towards the door. I know she was trying to be brave but she was scared as much as me and mom. But I resisted and yanked my hand out of her grip. I’m tired of all of this. I don’t want mom to get hurt because of my existence. I really wanted to help mom.

I tried to talk to him and pulled mom aside from his grip. He was very strong for a six-year-old like me. ‘You brat! Stop making me the bad guy. It’s all your fault you home-wrecker!’ he shouted and yelled frustrated and drunk. Why does dad hate me so much? It hurts me deep inside.

I love dad, I even drew a picture of him and hung it on the fridge. Mom yelled back sobbing:‘Stephen! How could you say this against your own child! Don’t you love her? What happened to you? You changed a lot.’ she kneeled down unable to move from the shock and fear. Sister supported mom from the floor with tears rolling down her baby blue eyes.

Daddy replied: ‘You know what? That’s it! I give up! You are nothing to me! I’m leaving!’ Mom looked up and begged him not to leave. ‘Darling we can talk about this. Please, we have kids you have responsibilities, please baby I need you. Stephen!’ But it was too late. Dad gave it to us, and it was because of me. I remember him packing his suitcases, rushing outside, and slamming the car door with tremendous force while driving away very fast, faster than the wind king in the story, as I looked helplessly out the window, hugging Mr. Cuddles tightly.

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