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That Sinking Feeling

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Within a year, you'll disappear... In the Land of England where elemental magic reigns supreme, there lies a curse. The Descent, an Earth based spell, slowly sinks its victims into the ground until they are literally buried alive. It's taken the lives of countless, but nobody seems to know of it, no one except six unlucky teens. An expectant mother, a lost prince, an anxious ex-lord, and a set of wealthy yet naive triplets. Together, they promise to break the curse they've been burdened with and save themselves as well as the kind couple who rescued them from the streets. With the threat of death looming above their heads, as well as the pursuit of a dangerous royal, this group of unlikely friends is in for one hell of a ride. A ride that could change their lives, and the course of history, forever

Fantasy / Mystery
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The Spirits Never Sleep


On the eve of my sixteenth birthday, the spirits warn me of a curse.

Their voices ring in my head, yelling and squealing, ‘The Descent, The Descent!’ It’s odd, I’ve never heard of such a curse before. Curses have never crossed my mind prior to this night. That is destined to change, I suppose. They remain screaming and crying as I try to drift away into my dreams. My comfortable bed does nothing to help soothe me. Neither does the darkness enshrouding my large room. My disabled ears don’t help drown out the wailing either. The outside world’s sound has never reached me, but spirits have definitely made up for that. Especially now.

It’s only when the voice yelling the loudest, whom I’ve named Reginald, speaks of my future do I actually pay attention.

“Beware, young one. The Descent is a powerful spell. The feeling of sinking never goes away. Its power reaches not only you but many other unfortunate beings. They suffer differently, but fall all the same. If you do not end this curse, you will have to accept the same fate that I have. That we have.”

That interests me. The spirits speak of this curse as if they have fallen victim to it themselves. It’s that moment I decide sleep is not an option tonight. The plush covers fall around my ankles as I pull them off to keep me warm. The path to our manor’s library is engraved in my mind. When your sister loves books as much as mine does, you need to know the way to get there better than you know yourself.

I ignite the candle I grab with the aid of a match and the light of the moon. The library is a minute’s walk away, so I set off.

The last thought that runs through my mind before it’s consumed by the screams of spirits once again is, God bless those who suffer that sinking feeling.

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