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Imaginary Reverie

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A novella filled with fictions that will make your imagination bloom in a remarkable ecstasy.

Fantasy / Other
Fox Onyx
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The day we met

“Hell, stop disturbing my feeble sheep.” I glanced at the lad, who was playing with the sheep in the angel’s garden. I could not believe that he rules the devil’s kingdom. My hell. Me being Heaven. I could not escape the pleasant sin of hell. He looked at me with those crystal crimson eyes, and I wished I could memorize them all.

His name is Hell , but as people miss interpreted it, he is not a dreadful person. He punishes the souls who sinned in their mortal lives and makes them suffer for what they committed. He looks mesmerizing in his sinister clothing blended with the colour of the blood.

I am Heaven, million years old. I rule this place, and thus, who will go where depends upon me. I am the one who sends angels to bring the dead souls. Mortal beings on the planet do not realize we all are souls, and beauty depends upon how many fewer sins they commit. Indeed, they do not understand that and depend upon outer beauty. I might say it’s not beauty but a mere selfish desire of the human. The more sinless the soul, the shinier it will be.

I despise being an immortal, but I do not have the choice to choose myself. If I want one, I would love to be a mortal and live a peaceful life with him. I could not, as I am here to keep the earth quiet. They say nothing lasts long, but it’s not true if we live forever. I never expect hell to become my friend. We have known each other for so long. The day we met felt like destiny.

It was another pleasant day in my garden until my angel came running to me to tell me that the devil’s Kingdom is in incredible chaos as more people are getting punished. I heard about the ruler but never met him. I could smell the rotten blood burn and the screams of the sinners. It was not my work to help them, as they deserve punishment. I thought about him as someone evil and dangerous. My angel wanted me to go there since they could not enter the place.

Soon I reached hell’s place, hoping to see what happened. I looked over at the dark palace, and I could see people walking over with blood dripping. It’s the smell of the dead people decaying. I felt like closing my nose to stop the awful smell from reaching me, but it was too late.

There was a throne with skulls surrounding the throne. It looked terrifying at first look. I found a man sitting on it; that covered his face with flashes of blood, but I could see his eyes glowing, and it resembled the colour of blood. It mesmerized me. It was something I had never seen before. Better than most of the things I encountered. He looked at me with those eyes, and for a moment, I thought he did not like me, but he smiled at me.

“Heaven, nice to meet you.” His voice sounded high and beautiful at the same time. “Nice to meet you. I am here to check if something’s going wrong, as I heard people screaming." He chuckled, “I was just punishing people for what they committed.”

“I know, but everyone was getting worried about you.”

He walked over to me and stared into my blue and green eyes. “Your eyes, they look like the planet.” He was coming closer. “I felt like seeing it. Do you want to join me……?”

That day I went with him, not knowing what it was, but today I enjoy walking with him on the night of the planet. The cherry blossoms fell on us while he was running. I wished if I could be a living being to live an ordinary life with him. Not wanting to take people’s life but to enjoy it.

I went closer to him and tried to connect our hands. When I did, he looked surprised but did not pull away. “We are not humans,” his voice sounded faint, “just because we run the continuation of life, it wouldn’t mean we should not fall in love,” He pulled away from my hand, “Hell and heaven, they both are not something to be together,”

“I know, but we can change our fate if we want to. I would leave ruling heaven for you. All I want is you.” His eyes looked feeble.

“I want you too,” He said, smiling. I went closer to him. “You know us. We will be together for the rest of the years until we vanish and become dust. If I have another life, I would want to become a human, so we experience our love as they do.” He took my hand in his. “We both are becoming something that the mortals would not understand.” I moved closer to him, wanting to feel his lips on mine. I kissed him, showing my love to him. “People here call it gay, and they make it a sin.” I raised my eyebrows. “Hmm, It’s not a sin. Not when the creator of life is doing it.” He chuckled and took my hand to walk with me.

I always loved him, even if it meant I am breaking the purpose of life. I need him in my life, loving me and making me happy. Hell’s voice and his touch define me. He and I are together. That is my only wish.

Years later.

“Heaven, it’s funny how they can’t recognize us.” I chuckled at my husband, “we don’t create life anymore. We are humans.” he slapped my chest while hugging me. “ I am happy. You make me laugh, and I like hugging you and kissing you. I also love it when we make love. It FEELS good,” it made me laugh. “I know.., and babe, my name is not heaven. It’s Hev now.”

“I know love. It’s Levi and Hev now.”

“like humans, we will get old and turn into ashes, don’t you regret this..? He kissed me on the cheek, “I don’t. My life got fulfilled now.” I smiled and kissed him in the mouth. We lived like mortals and faded into ashes. Our love blossomed, and we both felt fulfilled. I wouldn’t wish for a better life other than this.

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