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Jane gets taken away drunk from her mothers party by a peculiar women. The women works for

Fantasy / Romance
Jemima Batten
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The strange women

01:00am - Janes head soaked up the spirits as soon as they passed down her throat in desperation. Her piercing azure eyes like transparent agate marbles proved indefatigable under the immense weight of ten spirits and six shots of vodka. It became apparent that she was in desperate need of fresh air rather than the sickening air being dispersed between a fusty room of her mothers unhinged party guests. Her mother was young, way to young to be a mother. Her ripped grey jeans and flaming red check shirt cropped with a low cut hung loosely as she moved around the room in total control. Heaving herself of off the sticky leather sofa , Jane stumbled toward the glass fragments in front, reached for the stump attached and pulled viscously. The glass door, giving an impudent glare, snapped open in Janes direction causing her drunken shell of a body to tumble backwards uncontrollably!

Her clammy hands fumbled around trying to find out which unfortunate object she had spiralled into. Her hands reached upwards and we’re grated upon the sudden feel of bristling, spindly wires. Her droopy eyes flashed open as though the alcohol had spiked her heart and was running laps around her body. There was a women in front of her. Very short, with surprisingly luscious dark Brown hair despite its feel.. Yet her lips so lifeless; and her dark green, wide eyes seemingly bewitching as they coiled slowly around hers. Suddenly, it became apparent that all the laughter and deep conversations of her mothers party had become just as lifeless as the womens eyes. Silence was a new guest and it came certainly uninvited.

The women clutched James arm, holding an uncomfortably tight grip, she then began to venture ,with Jane still tightly attached, out of the oblong glass door in front. The air felt pure, and smacked her white washed cheeks a shade of crimson. Her mothers flashy Mercedes’ was parked at an unfortunate angle in front causes the women the swerve Jane harshly around it. In front lay a very long and very sharp old car, something out of a 90s film.

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