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The lost princess of Netilor

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Celeste is a young girl of only 18 she has lived in an orphanage her whole life she knows noting of who she is or her past she only knows her name and that she was found in London with a beautiful gold gown dress and a crown, They never explain to her about her past. '' Celestia you are the daughter of Ariadne and Oden. The late king and queen of Netilor" Join Celeste on this magical Adventure with Mythical creatures and Demons that should only stay in your nightmares..

Fantasy / Romance
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~ Pilot~

A young beautiful girl was dancing in her strangely beautiful room with Pictures of her and her parents on the walls of the Room with rainbow coulered wall's, Laughing the little girl spun around in her mothers Gold ball gown that was to big and a crown that was covering her eye's... Her brown wavy locks were falling over her eye's... The girls Father and Mother watched from the bedroom door smiling at there special little Princess...

'' Celestia,'' The Girls mother said the girl turned around and squealed with joy as she ran up to the woman. ''Mama, Papa,'' Said the girl jumping into her mother's arms smiling brightly as they all laughed in pure bliss but sadly it did not last fore the bells in all the castle rang through every part elerting the man and woman straight away...

The woman's Blue eye's widen'd In surprise as the man was trying to comfort the girl who was now crying...

A strangely tall man with pointed ears shouted coming from to big doors at the end of the hall.

They both gasped as the girl shook with fear fore everyone was running sounds of loud bombs were coming from outside of the Mystical castle red and purple lights were all the little girl could see when she looked out the glass window's. Frightened the little girl looked into her Mothers blue eyes with tears prickling her own she said, '' Who's coming Mama?,''

The woman knew that her and her beloved would not make it out alive so she quickly grabbed the child and put her in a safe Hole in the wall.

'' Are you sure about this my queen?,'' Said the king to his queen, as a tear rolled down his tanned cheek looking at the now sobbing woman and child in front of him,.

'' It's her only hope this Castle is going to need her one day but we have to strip her of her memories of us and this place It's to dangerous for her to remember he will come for her if she knows,'' The little girl watched scared and sad fore she was clever for a girl of six she knew what her mother was talking about.

'' Now Celeste there is no time his coming I will send you to a place That is called London Good-Luck my little Princess,'' With one last kiss her Mother stood up and said a few word's.

'' MAMA PAPA NOO!,'' The king and queen hugged and watched as the little girl faded away.

The king and queen held each outer hands and they saw the figure of a man coming towards them...

'' WHERE IS SHE?,'' Said the demon like creature enraged but the King and Queen showed no weakness or fear they held there heads's up high.,

'' She is somewhere you will never find you're choice of life will be your Rise but someday it will be Your'e downfall,'' The deranged man screamed in pure hatred and Anger his once brown eye's are now a deep red his once porcelain skin is now a rotted green couler.

The king then summoned a spell...

'' Hah! you fool you think that can hold me,''
Said the man to the king who was now crying thinking about his little princess in a strange universe...

'' No I do not but..'' The king never got to finish his sentence for a flash of purple light went through his chest and he fell..

The Queen cried out in agony as she held her beloved in her arm's and cried into his chest..

She looked up at the man. '' You're evil you may have won today Nicholas but one day you're reign will end,'' The woman spoke her wisdom through all the tears her heart felt like it came out of her chest...

'' Any last word's Queen,'' Nicholas said with a sneer. The Queen did not answer she only closed her eye's and awaited death to come...

'' Very Well,'' Said Nicholas a bit disappointed he wanted to hear what she had to say, He then summoned a ball of purple light if you looked at it from a distance you would think it was an electric explosive...

The man then hit the Queen right in the chest..

Falling on her beloved her last thought was ' I Love you Celeste Good luck,''
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