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The Hybrid

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A female hybrid named Amber is captured by an Alpha. Join her as she embarks on her journey to escape.

Fantasy / Other
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I was just roaming in the woods when someone knocked me out with a hard object. Next thing I knew I was in a dungeon. Chains around my arms and legs. I examined my surroundings to find out I was in the Conswér pack's dungeon. The Alpha then arrived. "Ah. You're here. You will suffer for what your father did." He growled.

*Nine months later*

I stared at the heavy dungeon door. The Alpha had been injured and didn't completely close the door or put my chains back on. I saw my chance. I used all of my strength and finally removed the chains. I silently headed twords the door. After quickly opening it, I ran out of it. For my luck, the Alpha's pack had been so worried about him they didn't notice me. After running out of the pack house I ran into the surrounding woods. There was a pack I hoped I could trust near this one.
After running hastily I saw their territory's border. I jumped over it with glee. I was finally out of that place. I ran in the direction of the other pack's territory and searched for someone.

I had to be careful because rogues were hated by some packs. Since I had been locked away for nine months I didn't really have the chance to figure out which packs were highly against rogues. I shifted and hid my scent so the pack I was trapped in wouldn't be able to track me. I sniffed the air to see if anyone was around. Nothing. Not a soul in sight. I ran twords the other pack's territory hoping they would understand. As I got closer I could tell someone had been near. Probably a guard. I found a den where some wild animal had been staying in. I laid there to rest.

Not long after I heard voices. "I swear I heard something!" A small voice said; most likely a child's.

"There's nothing out here! I will make sure to tell your father about this nonsense you have created." Said a larger voice belonging to a male.

"But I really did hear something! Maybe it was outside the territory border. Go check! You might find it!" The child scrambled out seemingly trying to not get in trouble.

"I can't do that without your father's permission. I will ask him but if there's nothing out here you will definitely be punished for making a scene out of it." The adult male's voice said sternly.

I could hear the child groan as they walked away.

Not long after, I heard someone coming. Actually, it sounded like there were many someones.

"I heard it out there!" The child said.

I could hear them getting closer. I started to panic since I didn't know if I was going to be locked up once again.

"Over there!" A firm male voice yelled.

"No...no...no...no." I thought.

Then five guards started to grab me and drag me away. I was still in wolf form so they were holding a little too firmly to keep me still. I didn't fight back knowing they could be my only chance to survive.
One of them looked a little shocked that I hadn't even made the slightest effort to fight back.

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