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Superhero and villian highschool.

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This is about a superhero and Villain high school and a normal high school this has metahumans with crazy meta powers let's get started.

Fantasy / Adventure
Andrew Rhodes
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Chapter 1 The normal high school

Hey my name is jack and this is my story.

I was a normal kid with one power and that's intelligence but that's not a power before i got my meta powers i was a normal kid that was very smart i got straight A+ throughout the school year and my senior year i had to transfor but before i tell you about the new school i am intending i have go back to the very beginning before all the powers of metahumans with my unordinary mom.

(And before i get to the good stuff the bolded letters are jack and the normal one's are the other people talking okay let's go.)

Jack: Hey mom Mom: What honey I need to find my backpack i am late for school do you know where it is yes i do it is in the attic i was cleaning so i put it up there.

Okay i am going up there (And when i was in 5th grade i was afraid to go in the attic because mom said that if you go up there you will get snatched by the boogyman and now i am in 12th so i am going up there)...
(Opens the attic door and climbs the ladder and grabs my dusty backpack).

Okay i am never going back up there it is so so dirty and dusty everywhere did she grab all the stuff and just threw it up there Hey Mom I'm going to school bye.

Okay honey have fun and Jake I'm going to dinner tonight I have a date so you have the whole house to yourself don't throw a party like last time or you will be grounded for a whole year.

Okay i promise i won't *Lies* (Closes front door and rides bike to school and tries to ride bike to the other side of the sidewalk and the car almost hits him and he stops it with one push and leaves a giant dent in it) What the how did i do that (and through out this book i will be telling you what the powers are from the people i created) (Jack: Superstrangth).

Oh no i need to go home and skip school (he runs home and he opens and closes front door) hey mom you still here jack didn't you leave what are you doing back when i was on my way to school a car almost hit me because the guy was on the phone and i pushed the car away from me how did i do that mom.

(Mind I can't let him know about his father but he deserves to know the truth.) Hey sit down please son i need to tell you something it's about your father (They sit down together) Do you know how i said your father left us to go get milk and he never returned.

Yeah i do Okay the real reason is your father was a supervillian he has superpowers and that's super strength and i am a superhero and i have superpower i have a power and that's flight i am so sorry i lied to you your whole life.

Mom you lied to me and you probably know i will inherited Dad's abilities what if i inherit your ability you won't because you only get to have one superpower it is very common and if you do get another power and then it will be very rare so go to school don't tell anyone about your power okay.

Okay bye mom (Runs to school) Okay where is my 3rd period class there it is economics hey sorry i am late (See's a stunning girl and walk's up to her) Hey my name is jack what's your name my name is Annabelle (haha you thought this is only his story it is mine to my name is annabelle and this is my story now Jack: No that's not fair let me still talk about my story.)

(Doesn't listen to him and walks away) (So here is my story when i was a little girl i knew my mom was a superhero and my dad is a normy without superpowers and i don't have powers yet i am still waiting for my exception letter from the superhero and villain School.

And they have a class to see what's your power is and they said the letter to be in the school is supposed to come in tomorrow night so to see the letter you have to come back later).

(Jack: To be continued

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