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The Serum

I knew that going under would mean I’d have to be in the chamber. I would have to wear one of those horrid grey gowns I always use to pity seeing other people in. It would only take a few hours, but in my head I’d live a lifetime. Nothing would prepare me, nothing could prepare me, and I knew that. I took the folded up gown she handed me and shuffled into the bathroom to change. I looked at myself in the mirror, the bags under my eyes, how thin my once thick blonde hair had become. My skin looked drained of color. I knew I hadn’t slept in a few days but I wasn’t aware of how bad I really looked. Maybe it was just the lighting in here. I put my clothes into a plastic patient bag and walked out wearing the ashen grey gown and my white ankle socks.

She was waiting for me at the chamber doors, wearing a pitiful smile on her face. I didn’t bother trying to form a smile back. Instead I studied the white marble floor. It looked like the kind you would find in a city hall, or a nice bank. I walked in the room and immediately noticed how dark it was. The walls were painted black, I’m sure of it. The floors were still the same marble as before, but it no longer looked beautiful and sleek. The actual chambers were at the back of the room. There were three total, two already occupied. I could see the other patients inside of them, floating. The chamber was a tall, ten foot cylindrical tank of water with a small light shining at the bottom. There were ladders on the side of the tanks, and small feeble chairs at the top. The other therapists were sitting in chairs beside the chamber with their patient inside, eyes closed but not asleep. They all had wires attached to nearly every part of their heads. I followed Dr. Flickerray to the middle, empty chamber.

“Okay Evolet, here’s what’s going to happen. You’ll climb the little ladder here to the top where the chair is. You’ll sit down and make yourself comfortable and tell me when you’re ready. I will hook up the monitors and then inject the serum to put you under so that your body will remain unharmed. After the injection, you’ll begin to feel sleepy. Go ahead and close your eyes and once you’re under I will lower you down into the chamber, Okay?”

I could feel my body involuntarily shaking. The only bad part about being a Mystic with mind control was that you couldn’t alter your own state of mind, although you were significantly better at controlling your emotions. Which was great, except I had lost all control over mine long ago. I hesitantly nodded my head and walked slowly to the ladder. I looked back at Dr. Flickerray, who was standing next to her chair, still smiling sadly at me.

I grabbed the metal of the ladder, letting my mind focus on how painfullycold it was rather than the thought of being unconscious underwater. I began climbing, step by step slowly until I reached the top. I focused hard on how the metal felt under my feet, how the socks I was wearing didn’t seem to keep the cold from reaching me. I grabbed onto the arm rest of the chair and looked below me into the water. I sat down quickly to avoid passing out from thinking about the water. I wiggled in the chair a few times, trying to find the most comfortable position. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. When I opened my eyes, Dr. Flickerray was standing at the top of the ladder beside me. She was holding a syringe containing dark blue liquid, and an array of wires.

“All set?”

I swallowed hard, forcing myself to stop fidgeting with the hem of my gown as I searched for my voice. “Yes.”

I moved my left arm out toward her, knowing the injection had to go into the vein on the inner side of my elbow. After attaching the wires to me, she held the syringe up to the light and flicked it a few times to remove any air bubbles. I looked away as she stuck the needle into my arm. I tried to relax my mind. I thought of him. How I would see him soon. For the last time maybe. When I looked back over she was already descending the ladder. I could just barely see her positioning herself in her own chair once she reached the floor. I looked over at the patients in the other chambers, they looked so peaceful. I laid my head back in my chair and felt my eyelids growing heavy. I took one more deep breath before I felt my mind drifting into a peaceful slumber.

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