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Sinful Temptation

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"Where will you hide, doll?" His deep raspy voice resonated in an empty dark classroom.  Her heart thudded in her ears. Her feet involuntarily moving back, shoulders shrinking in fear as he took threatening steps towards her like a predator. "N-no..." She stuttered, chin wobbling lips trembling. The certainty of her being alone in the presence of this beast-like man had her legs going jello.  Emma was scared. So damn scared. "You can't deny me Belle. I'm your mate. You're fucking mine!" He growled lowly. * Emma Belle Richardson is a 18 year old nerd who dedicates herself to schoolwork and books rather than socialising. She doesn't have any friends and is an outcast. She has more to her than anyone can imagine. She prefers to stay under radar but what would happen when she'll catch the eyes of the man who will cause catastrophe in her peaceful life. Xander Colt is a 27 year old mysterious man with extremely good looks. There was nothing known about him. The Greek God looking man with sharp green eyes and dark tattoos who could easily be considered as a top notch model or a beast like warrior, came as a mathematician professor in the middle of a semester. Strange wasn't it! Naive girl✅ Alpha male ✅ Erotica✅ Hot Romance✅ Student and Teacher✅ Werewolf ✅ Warning ⚠️ 18+

Fantasy / Erotica
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“W-What is h-he?” Emma stuttered badly to herself. She was trembling like a leaf. The man in front of her wasn’t human at all. He was a beast, a large black wolf. She has witnessed him shifting into a wolf form with her own eyes.

She was horrified out of her wits and made a dash out from the woods only to be tackled to the ground minutes later when a hard strong body pounced on her from behind. She lost her footing and was falling down but he was fast to change their positions and she landed on his chest as he bore the contact with rough ground.

Emma shrieked out and moved, taking a couple of steps away from him and the man was gone from the ground in her haze of moving away. Her scared eyes looked around only to gasp in horror as she found his human form emerging from the trees. He was only wearing his pants that hung loose on his hips. His dark tattoos gave him a menacing look.

She didn’t dare look down from his face. Xander’s sharp enraged green eyes were enough to keep her a prisoner.

“W-What a-are.... -y-you?” She stuttered. The small twitch in his jaw was an only indication on his cold expressionless face indicating how pissed off he was. He didn’t want her to know the truth.

He didn’t want her to know that he was a beast.

A sudden chilling breeze swept past her locks. The icy wind on her skin made the small hair on the nape of her neck stand.

He didn’t respond.

Sheer ominous silence surrounded them. Lurking like evils ready to pounce with it’s vicious claws.

Yet she couldn’t move. The burning in her body felt at ease just by looking in his dark eyes. His face looked dark, brooding yet handsome under the moonlight. Whereas her brain was screaming like a wounded animal for her to run for her life.

“You’re on heat!” His gruff barbitone voice resonated around them. His words strained as if the mighty man was holding back, as if in pain.

The man in front of her wasn’t a human. No he was a creature. A werewolf.

Suddenly the reality of the situation dawned on her making her legs buckle up and within seconds the girl swivelled around running towards the opposite direction with everything she got.

A ferocious growl from behind her had her heart stuttering and legs weakening in utmost trepidation. Yet she didn’t stop.

She could practically feel him getting closer to her. Twigs and rusty leaves crushing under her bare feet drawing out blood but she didn’t care. She needed to get away from this man.

A shrill scream escaped her lips when her arm was taken in a harsh grip before her world turned upside down.

“NO! Let go!” She cried out, thrashing on his shoulder.

One savage growl had her insides shuddering in utmost terror and her body became stiff.

“I won’t be gentle anymore!” He snarled animalistically.

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