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The Queen and her Alphas

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Several hours after my birthday, my whole life changed. Little did I know I was a Queen that was activated to be mated to several Alpha shifters of different species. At first, I didn't know what was happening until the first Alpha found me and took me back to the kingdom where several Alphas are already waiting. My past comes back to haunt me as I recognize several men. Will I or any of the Alphas I've grown to love make it, or will my past kill us?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Sara's POV
Rolling over in bed, I grab my phone only to see it's 4:47 in the morning. Groaning, I rub my hands down my face. I haven't slept for shit almost all night because my body feels like it's going to burn from the inside out.
Sighing, I get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom to take a cold shower, hoping it'll cool my body down. Getting in, I hiss at how cold the water is and force myself to stay under it for as long as possible.
Stepping out, I grimace at my image as I stand there and look at myself in the mirror. I don't consider myself pretty nor ugly, I feel like I'm okay on the eyes until you look at my body. Weighing in at 198lbs, I wouldn't wanna look at myself either. Having triple D breasts is a buzz kill on my back, and let's not forget about Tina the talking tummy. I have a nice ass, I guess and my thighs are thick. I guess it's not all bad considering I have a thick hour glass shape, I just don't like the number.
Looking at my calendar, I notice that today is actually my 30th birthday. I also notice it's close to when my period is supposed to start, so I'm now blaming this body heat on my period. 'Great,' I mutter to myself as I flop back down on my bed, 'now my period is gonna start on my birthday.'
Passing back out, I wake up a few hours later to someone knocking furiously on my front door. I don't ever get visitors unless I invite someone over, and everyone knows to leave me alone unless they're invited.
Getting up, I peek outside the window to see a tall, tanned, and extremely toned guy only wearing shorts. I don't see a vehicle in the driveway, which makes me all the more cautious on wanting to open the door. Maybe I should act like I'm not home and hide some where in the house, but as always, I'm like a cat and my curiosity gets the best of me.
"Can I help you?" I yell through the door.
"I need you to open up the door, kitten and let me in." His deep voice says. Peeking back out the window, I take another look at him wondering if I know him from somewhere. I'm sure I would have remembered him considering I don't get out much.
"How do I know I can trust you?" I reply back, still staring at him through the window. He turns his head to the sound of my voice and I get the first good look at his handsome face. He has jet black hair that almost looks blue when the sun hits it just right, and he has the prettiest ocean blue-green eyes I've ever seen. Strong jaw line, with stubble on his face, and a straight, strong nose.
"I'm not here to do any harm to you, kitten, I'm just here to talk. I need to get you to the kingdom before your heat gets worse. Please kitten, just open the door." he says while looking me in the eyes.
I have no idea what he's talking about, except for how hot my body continues to get. For some reason, I feel like I can slightly trust him, so I grab my bat and slowly open the door.
"Can I come in?" he asks, looking past me and into the house.
"Uuuhhh, sure, I guess." I swing the door open a little wider letting him walk in. I hide the bat behind my leg with a death grip ready to swing if I have to.
When he walks in he leans his head back and takes a big whiff through his nose, and groans sensually. Staring dumbfounded, I'm confused by what he's doing and it's starting to creep me out the more he stands there just sniffing the air.
Clearing my throat, he opens his eyes and is now openly devouring my body with his gaze.
"So, what can I help you with?" I ask, barely looking him in the eyes.
"As I told you, kitten, I need to take you to the kingdom. Especially before all the Alphas come here with as sweet as you smell."
"I don't know about a kingdom, nor about any Alphas," I say, taking a step back with my bat still hidden behind my leg. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let a stranger into my home. Now, who knows what's going to happen to me.
"Kitten, I need to take you before your heat gets worse, from the looks and smell of it, I may need to mate and mark you before leaving to help cool your temperature down some." he says, only confusing me more.
Suddenly, I feel like my body heat went from 0-100 in a matter of seconds, making me feel faint, nauseated, and dizzy. I have no idea what's going on with me and now this stranger before me is going to be my only help getting me to the hospital.
"I need... I need to go to the hospital." I say and try to walk past him before he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me flush to his chest. Noticing where our skin touches, that part of my body is starting to cool down.
"You feel that, kitten? You feel how my touch cools your body down? I know you don't know me, but I need you to trust me. I've never chosen a Queen for as long as I've lived. God, but your sweet smell drove me crazy and sent me into overdrive, and I had to get to you before a young Alpha did. If I'm driven here on your smell alone, I know Hawk and Kiba will be here soon as well."
As he's talking, my body is starting to get hot again, causing my lower abdomen to clench excruciatingly painful. Tears prick at the corner of my eyes because I just want it to go away. I've never dealt well with period cramps. I can handle any kind of piercing and tattoo, but period cramps are my weakness when it comes to pain.
Pausing, he looks at me and curses under his breath while wiping my tears always.
"I know this is all new to you, kitten, but I promise, me and the other Alphas can explain everything tomorrow. Today, you're gonna be in a haze because you're the Queen who is newly activated and your body is gonna act on instinct." he says, pleading with his eyes to trust him. "I'm sorry, kitten, but I need to mate and mark you, it's the only way to help until another Alpha comes along."
At this point, I don't know what to do, so I slowly nod my head at him with tears running down my cheeks because I'm scared of what's fixing to happen to me. Is he crazy or am I crazy? Maybe we're both crazy? I'm hallucinating, I just know for sure because no man that looks that good would be touching me. He could definitely be with someone better and skinnier.
He slams the front door shut, and grabs under my thighs telling me to jump. I hesitate, because I know exactly how much I weigh, and I don't feel like being dropped because I'm too heavy to carry. Instead of me jumping, he goes ahead and man handles me up him, wrapping my legs around his waist. He walks us straight into my room and gently lays me on the bed and takes a step back looking over my body.
"I'm gonna undress you now, kitten. Just trust me, okay?" I nod, and wait for him to touch me again, because without his touch, my body heat only increases.
He takes my tank top off, then slowly pulls my booty shorts and thong down. 'This is such a great hallucination,' I think to myself.
He runs his fingers from my collar bone, down between the valley of my breasts, towards my stomach and to my mound that now throbs painfully. Rubbing his fingers between my folds, he slowly circles my clit causing me to gasp and arch my back.
"So wet already, kitten," he says before sticking the fingers that were circling my clit into his mouth and sucking my juices off.
"God, you taste so good." he purrs while staring me in the eyes. He pulls his shorts down, revealing his massive cock. I've never had anything that big before and automatically clamp my legs together.
"That's not gonna fit," I mumble, as he gently lays his hands on my knees and opens my legs back up.
Chuckling, he says, "Trust me, kitten, it'll fit. It's what you're made for."
Slowly crawling up my body, he nestles himself between my thighs while moving my hair to one side. Kissing down my neck, he kisses a sweet spot causing me to moan out. With his mouth still on my neck, I feel him position his cock at my entrance.
In one swift movement, he thrusts inside me to the hilt while biting down on my neck making me scream out. I orgasm so hard I start to see stars and dig my nails into his back.
Coming down from my high, I notice he's taken his teeth out of my neck and is staring at me, waiting for permission to start moving. Nodding my head, he slowly backs out to the tip, and thrusts back all the way in hard.
"Ohhh," I moan before he starts picking up the pace and fucks me harder.
"Fuck, kitten, I'm not gonna last if you keep moaning like that." he grunts with each thrust, in and out. "Cum with me, kitten, let me feel you milk my cock."
"YES, go faster!" I moan, raking my nails down his back at every sensation he's making me feel. Hitting every sweet spot imaginable to send me over the edge with him.
"Oh fuck, kitten, I'm going to cum. Cum for me, baby. I want you to milk me for everything I've got." he groans before kissing me on the lips. Moaning out, he takes the opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth and sensually messages it with my own.
"Ahh, I'm.. I'm bout to cum!" I scream out and feel myself clench down around his cock. He stills on top of me, a rumble coming from his chest and up his throat as his seed shoots in me, setting off another orgasm.
Twitching and panting heavily underneath him, I notice my body heat is starting to cool off, bringing back my brain from its hazy state. He moves his face to the crook of my neck and kisses me where he bit me, sending a shiver down my spine.
Before anything can be said, someone is pounding on my door and it sounds like they're fixing to break it down.
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