The Amazons 2

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The year is 1882 the Victorian era is well under way A Queen named Victoria now holds England's throne as her own to sit and stay as she sees fit Her lust for gold has thrust many men to their deaths to fulfill at their Queen's behest They have just been recently handed a defeat on the African plains in a foreign war known to most as the "Boer" Native men cooperated to change their fate as of late against unjust taxation Though just very few, they won over British might with the insight to relieve the ranks of their officer flight Their accurate sniping quite dulled the might of Englands' uninvited blight Twas' an embarrassing loss for Great Britain at great cost and they are in no need of a repeat for the masses to take sight To save face from another disgrace what Queen Victoria hesitates and hides on the side discreetly away from the public eye is the discovery of a new race in a place so secluded it has eluded humankind since the beginning of time Residing deep in the Amazon jungle hidden away under a magical cloak away from prying eyes and human evoke For it seems the Amazonian race has been well in place for over 1000 decades more than the human race Engraced with strength the Gods of olde forbade man due to it's proclivity for war Their introduction into the modern day is about to go public for all to display

Fantasy / Poetry
Peter Gunn
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