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Jennifer's secret sister

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Jennifer's secret sister [made by Jennifer the angel] Actors: -Jennifer the Angel -Creepypastas -Jacky the Angel -Terrors -MY AU (Creepys) -Viki Drowned ‼️ Warning ‼️ -Nina x Jeff -Slenderman x Offengirl (This is my AU) -Toby x Clockwork -Jennifer x Masky -Viki x Ben

Fantasy / Horror
Jennifer the Angel
Age Rating:

Jennifer's Secret Sister Part 1

Jennifer woke up to a big loud scream from outside.

Jennifer: what the fu- !? What is this big roar again !? If it's Nina, I swear I'll have a finished neck...

Jennifer looked out the window and as she said it was Nina ... she was just chasing Jeffrey that Toby and Sally were looking through.


They all noticed, and Tobby and Sally were half asleep on each other's necks. Nina and Jeff both noticed, but by the time Nina looked back at Jeff there was no sound and no trace of it.

???: And why are you yelling?

Jennifer: Who the fuck are you !? And how do you get into my room! ??

???: Jennifer .. and I'm the one! Don't you even recognize your own sister?

Jennifer: What !? I don't even have a sister!

Jacky: * took off his hood * not even that? I'm Jacky! Your sister!

Jennifer: what the hell .. Jacky !? But if-!?

Jacky: Listen Jennifer! I'll tell you how I got here and why I'm here!

Jennifer: Okay? Then tell me, my sister ...

Jacky: So ... you don't recognize me because you never met me! This is because by the time you are born, our parents are divorced. Dad took me on your birthday ... that's why Mom cried so much.As I see it, he raised you pretty well ... just as our father raised me, let's not talk about it. But once you finally reach the age to meet me! I hope you are happy for me now! Because from today .. IT LIVES WITH YOU !!

Jennifer: wow !! This is great Jacky! You are the best sister in the world ..! I missed you..

Jacky: You're me too Jennifer !!

until this nonsense, so to speak, is not nasty .. until then, they peeked in at the door 😏 not anyway! only Jeff, Toby Slender and Ben were there. Those who looked at us happily WHAT SHOULD NOT BE VERY BECAUSE I BATED THEM IN A MINUTE 🤣🤣

But let's get to the point!

I went to the kitchen with Jacky. Those who were there looked hard at Jacky and me. So many of the shapes we had could barely distinguish us yet. The only difference was that Jacky was wearing a darker dress.
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