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Sea of Roses

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A girl finds herself becoming friends with a vampire....

Fantasy / Romance
J. Miranda
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Chapter One: New Guy

Everything went by as usual. Except with one crucial difference, the new male student ended up sitting next to her in all of their classes.

Which was strange. Almost no one had someone in ALL of their classes.

She did her best to sit by herself, but he always ended up sitting next to her.

As she finished up in her last class of the day, she opened her book to a random page and began to reread her favorite scene in Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

"You're a Twilight fan?" The new guy, she couldn't remember his name, asked.

She set her book down and nodded. "I am."

"Why do you...like it?"

She paused, wondering if he was going to make fun of her for it later. She shrugged, figuring that her life was already a mess.

He frowned. "Do you not want to answer?"

Startled by his tone of voice, she ended up parting her lips as her eyes widened in surprise. The her eyes narrowed as anger rose, she didn't like his tone.

"I like it because they understand in a way that people like you would never understand." She snapped, just as they were dismissed.

[with each passing day, she loses her self-control-J.M.]

She quickly packed her things into her backpack and left the room. The boy followed her.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He called out as he kept his eyes on her.

She all but ran down the stairs. The reason why she didn't was because she was no idiot. Only idiots run down the stairs as others push and shove on their way out.

So, she ignored him as she walked down the stairs. Even as he called out to her repeatedly and sprinted to catch up with her outside, she ignored him.

Well, that was until she realized he rode the same bus as she did. That was when she couldn't avoid him any longer since he ended up sitting right next to her.

He smirked, knowing she'd never be able to tell him to leave. "Now give me a descriptive summary. Actually, no. Tell me everything."

She rolled her eyes and ignored him, earning a low growl from him. She grumbled and finally looked at him, not questioning his behavior.

"Bella and I are similar. I can't explain it, but...I've always felt this longing. And since you've insisted, I never felt like I belonged. I've never been normal. And I'm okay with that. I just wish I could have...a friend. Someone that I'd trust with my life."

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