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The Last elemental Foxshifter

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my name is solar, my life was somewhat normal with my parents, even if we were all elemental foxes, it was a very nice life. until the hunters came, my parents had to stay i had to leave.

Fantasy / Action
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my life in the forest

For some reason I am able to remember how I was born. I wasn't born in a hospital like normal people. I wasn't even normal to begin with. When I was born I had 9 black tails and two pretty big black ears. Apparently that isn't normal even though my parents were both elemental foxes they only had 7 tails, and their ears didn't show when they were in their human form.

The max amount of tails ever recorded is 7, and having ears in human form has never been heard of apparently.

Each tail meant a different element, If you have 2 or more tails your an elemental fox. If not you were just a normal foxshifter. Although foxshifters usually aren't born with their tails out. If they are that means they are very powerful. But it also means you cannot hide your tails(and ears in my case), so you have to stay hidden most of your life.

They knew I had the normal 7 elements, fire, earth, wind, water, lightning, nature, and gravity. But they didn't know what the other two elements I had were.

I was born in their hidden cabin out in the forest. They couldn't hide their tails either so we stayed away from the humans. While I grew up they trained me in my elements and we soon figured out that one of the tails aloud me to control animals. Since we were all part fox they decided I should try it on them aswell.

I looked at my dad in the eyes, started to use the power from my eighth tail and said "Go and get me a cookie from the kitchen." He had walked into the house and a minute later came out with a cookie and gave it to me.

When the order was completed he blinked his eyes and looked down at me. I had already started eating the cookie and it was halfway gone by the time he exclaimed "This is amazing, who knew such a fox could do this!!" When I looked into his eyes I saw immense pride and a little hint of worry in them.

After that they had me train in that aswell. They also had a library in the cabin It was pretty big and every bookshelf was overloaded with books. In my free time I would go there and learn about other shifters and how there species work. I also made sure to learn about the humans economy incase I had to go there someday.

When I was 7 we figured out what my 9th tail is.

"Ok Solar I wan't you to focus on your ninth tail and we'll see if we can figure out what type of element it is." my dad said with a very straight voice. I guess this was very important.

I started to focus on my last tail and felt some type of space open up inside me. I raised my hand and when I told the energy to go out my hand a big purple portal opened up infront of me. My dad jumped back to avoid the weird portal.

Somehow I knew that I could store things inside of it aswell as use it to get to places. But I also felt another cooler energy inside of me while using my last tail. I raised up my other arm and let that energy travel out of it. This energy opened up a blue portal.

I could tell that this portal would let me go back in time. It din't seem like it would let me forward unless I trained more. I looked at my dad to see that he was frozen with a very shocked face, my mom came out a few minutes later to see what was wrong with him. When my mom looked at me she also became frozen with shock.

I stopped using the energy from my 9th tail and the portals disappeared. That seemed to snap them out of it and my dad said, "What do the portals do Solar?" I answered him by saying "The purple one lets me store stuff in it and lets me travel to places by using it, the blue one lets me go back in time. I was also able to tell with more training I will be able to store more stuff and travel farther the more I trained with the purple portal, and if I trained more with the blue portal I will be able to go forward in time. "

"That is incredible!!! But you know what that means?" my dad said.

"What?" I asked already having a suspicion of what he was gonna say.

"Double the training!" He said while my mom started chuckling. I just sighed and said "Thought you were gonna say that..." He started laughing and said "Well let's get to it!"

For the next two years my dad would train me the best he could in all my elements, and would sometimes put in self defense training incase anything happened.

When I was 12 I was able to travel to another state, it took me awhile to travel back because I was very surprised, and I had no clue where I was. When I opened up the purple portal and thought about the cabin it brought me back once I went through it. When I got back I saw my mom walking around looking really worried and my dad just had a calm face while trying to soothe my mom's worry.

Once she saw me she ran over and hugged me while my dad walked over and told my mom that it was best if I kept breathing. She quickly let go and said "Sorry hunny!"

"It's ok mom I was a little surprised to, I was able to feel how far away I was, and I didn't think I was able to go that far this soon." I said with a light laugh.

"See hun I told you she was alright, she knows how to come back if something like this happens." My dad said while putting his arm around mom's waist." I know, but I still can't help but worry!" she said while leaning into him. "Like what if a human saw her come out of the portal!" My dads eyes widened and he looked at me and asked "Solar what did it look like where you came out of?"

"It looked like a very dense forest with very dark tall trees..." I said while remembering the very beautiful forest. "It was very pretty, with how the sun shone threw the dense leaves created a very nice scene" I said with much happiness.

A second later for some reason I fealt a power swell within me and soon the same trees in the other forest started to grow all around me. Apparently I used my nature tail without even realizing. And soon one half of the clearing infront of the cabin was full of a dense little packet of dark, tall tress. "Oops" I said while looking behind me at the trees.

"Hmmm, looks like you will need more control training with your nature tail." My dad said while looking at the trees then at me.

A month later while training with my nature tail I started to feel a bunch of feet pounding against the ground nearby, since dad was using his nature tail aswell he fealt it to. For some reason my dad yelled to mom who was in the doorway to "get the gear"

I had no clue what he meant by that but I didn't have time to worry because a few seconds later my dad yelled at me "Quickly follow your mother and use your portal to get as far away as you can right now. Hopefully it'll be 2 states by now." I do as told because I'm worried about the footsteps and how they feel closer.

when I got into the house my mom handed me a backpack and said go quickly. But I had no idea what was going on so I just stood there. My mom looked back at me and saw me standing still and ushered me out the back door.

she said "Quickly you have to leave!"

"Wait but whats going on and why do I have to leave?!"

she looked very worried and said "There's no time to explain but you have to leave quickly! And don't come back until me and your dad contact you!"

"But what about you and dad I could easily take you with me!"

"Sorry hunny but we can't go with you, me and your dad have to try our best to fully get rid of them here. Now go I have to go help your dad!"

I whined a little quitely but did as told. I put all the energy I could into my last tail without exerting myself, But I've been working on nature control so my control wasn't as good as with this one and apparently I put my full power into the purple portal.

I fell through it and I had ended up in a less dense forest with more shrubbery than trees. I fell onto the ground but I didn't have enough energy to get up. I saw my mom going back through the house while the portal was closing. She had all her tails activated, which I didn't know was possible.

A few seconds later I passed out from excursion and the portal fully closed.
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