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SARSOUL a demons tail

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HI YOU BORED HUMANS! Welcome to the world of Sarsoul. This place isn’t a gentle place to be around so watch your step.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Introduction to Sarsoul

If you live on earth you would know that humans rule over what’s known as the over world, this story doesn’t start in the over world though, our story starts in Sarsoul hells main city. Apocalypse strikes and strives every day in this run down town filled with demons and devils, now don’t mix these two up as devils and demons are two very different things.

Demons are slinky, tall and devious with broken horns of spikes and edges, these creatures are normally dark skinned and are high ranked compared to devils. Devils are small and curious with wings of red and black, these critter like creatures are known for being vermin to the demons as underlings or indeed slaves.
Most demons are born in hell while devils thrive from the flames and arrive fresh from the over world. Although the population in hell is quite small as most humans go to heaven as gods forgives all and bla bla bla. So there is only 1 city as the population is only estimated to be around 50,000 altogether.

Anyways let’s continue with this story, every devil gets sorted into an animal category which includes:snake, eagle, rabbit ,goat and rat. Now don’t mix these up with the seven sins:
Snake; undoubtedly poisonous, powerful and uncooperative, these people are here because of their greed and unshared power.

Eagle; imperial double, noble and terrifying, these high flying humans was a little too courageous in their life and ended up crash landing here in Sarsoul.

Rabbit; foolish timid, full sized wild, these beings was weak and foolish towards people around them which had them bouncing into the flames of hell.

Goat; half witted, no good , these humans was daft and selfish towards anyone in need and so ended up slowly finding their way here in a hell pen.

Rat; tolerable sick, wet but thoughtful, these poor beings was treated wrong in their life time and so was sent to hell from pure mistake.

Enough about devils you must be wondering about demons and how they are involved in this, well demons are like overlords they was born and raised in the city never to of even known about the over world unless told by a devil. Most demons stay in their own quarters of the city as most demons have rivalry with each other. They neither have family or friends as demons leave their families at a young age to try and get territory of their own.

Most demon families have 2 demits which are demon children while devils can have devites which are devil children, it’s actually really uncommon to see devil children though as devils don’t trust each other and try to find a way to take over hell just like humans did with the over world, taking over and destroying anything and everything just for their own happiness and pleasure.

Sarsoul is filled with lots of creatures on of these creatures Gooper bug which is a farming animal used by devil slaves. Gooper’s are large and slimy with small spikes, a large double tail, small stubby legs and a lumpy arched back which looks more demented than demons them selves. Close to this farm animal is the Fim. Fim are known for stealing across the city, once saw as a devil of some sort these critters are the dirt of hell. No one knows when they became known as animals but it’s been this way for as long as ancient Egypt.
Smaller creatures in hell include the wingless which are slim figured bird like creatures, which may I add have no useable wings as they r too small to fly with.
Smila is a turtle like creature with a small sharp head and a long scaled tail that swings too and throw as it slowly waddles through the wild lands of hell.
In this city survives Simmsey a hundred year old demon that lives on the western quarter of Sarsoul, as the youngest of her family she is also the last to find territory. Her mother dearest lordess Horn rules over most of the western quarter from when the lord died( father dearest) and so has been handed over to lordess Horn. Her brother has already gotten territory from several places in the western quarters as he was raised to enjoy the excitement of fighting, poor Simmsey had no experience in fighting and was known as a form fragile demon from her smaller figure and thin twisted horns.

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