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The Cracked Soul in the Hidden Blooms

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1st life? 2nd life? Maybe 3? but no-one has gotten 3... okay, maybe some. It's not unlimited I must say so use them wisely. Do you think she's ok? i'm talking about the protagonist. She's ok right?

Fantasy / Adventure
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A tiny child in a giant world- introduction

A delicate young girl sets sail on the rocking, whirling sea. She felt sick and nauseous and out of breath... until her tired eyes rained onto a small tiny island in the distant. Using her paddling stick, wobbled through the defensive waves.

An island, as she stepped out onto the soft warm sand, engulfing herself in happiness. Goals complete. Though from afar, the sight was tiny. Though from up close, leaves cascaded. Branches that seemed to reach the sky like Jack’s bean stalk. Sunlight enlightened golden grains. Empty? Was there human life that had come upon this treasury? Skipping, running, jumping. Had it been a new place founded. An Undiscovered! And then...


“But what happens after that?“, whining uncontrollably, little sister of a formidable prince, sliding off her bed, sheets fallen, “what happens, what happens?”

“Hmm? But it’s past your bedtime. Maybe tomorrow”

A small pout sprung into her expression. A chuckle pierced the silence of the child’s room. “Hahaha, I said tomorrow okay? I promise”

Tucking his little princess into bed and switching the strands of twinkling lights that hung over, wall to wall, and kissing on her forehead.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick?

Screaming? Was I dreaming? Was I not? My eyes were squinting from the bright flames, they wrecked the corridors outside my room. I was worried wasn’t I? I was definitely crashing around trying to coordinate a path between all the reds and yellows. And then I saw him. I screamed. Did I ask if there was screaming again? I think it was me, and maybe, him? My brother. He’s the prince of one of the planets called Monil, a moon planet, there’s many scattered around the universe. I’m proud of him. But I was not proud that our planet was being ambushed, maybe attacked is a better word. But for what? I don’t know. His last words before I was sent away to another planet was “Go and escape and don’t let this wretched woman find you, you are the whole gist after all.”


Hello, my name is Jists Griffins, I don’t have a family but I’ve been adopted by the Griffins family, a noble name across these nations that some how agreed to keeping me a secret and making sure that I live a healthy and happy life.

But what is there any happiness when right now, 13 years later, I am burning to death, maybe suicidal, maybe not, but I hope my 3rd life will be better.

A world, as I stepped out onto the hard concrete outside a building, engulfing myself in unhappiness. Goals incomplete. Though from afar, the sight was tiny. Though from up close, leaves cascaded.

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