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Teenager issues

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Alexia is a girl who comes from a very strict Christian family she is the only girl among two brothers , Alexia is passing through some teenager issues and it turns out that no one actually understands her she tries to fit in with her friends and still follows her parents strict rules. Will she become a total bad ass or will she still remains miss goody two shoes.

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Alexia's POV
Alexia, Alexia!!!! I woke up to hear my mum shouting my name . Today is my birthday was the only thing on my mind before I realized that my entire family was in my room , your going to be sixteen today my mum said with a full smile on her face, I am sixteen finally I thought, I had always wanted a sweet sixteen party but I knew that was not happening. I was withdrawn from my thoughts when I felt a cold sensation on my body and I looked up only to see my older brother James smiling at me and I knew if I shouted they Will of course be on his side and not mine, he poured a cup of cold water on me when I least expected.
Have you ever wandered how life as only girl with two brothers is, well that's my life.i have two brothers . Jake and Harry, Jake is my older brother he is 17 going to be 18 very soon and Harry is the annoying one they are both annoying but Harry is just spectacular he is 13 .
What do you want for your birthday? I know you will think I will be like, please a make up kit or an iPhone like normal girls, but what I am about to ask is the most abnomal thing a girl can ask for, Dad please I want to change my school, why, dad please I want to go to a more populated school we are just four in our class and It can be really boring at times, I really don't know why you want to change your school, mum please and besides it's my birthday gift, my only hope was that my dad looked like he was thinking about it, after moments of silence he finally spoke, only if you find the perfect school, Thank you dad!!!.
PS sorry for the long chapter
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