Purge (Curse of Cain Book 1)

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Chapter Seven

Since early last night, Dante hadn’t paid attention to Korinna. Not as much as she wanted. With shooing her aside like a child as her only interaction with Dante, Korinna was just about to throw a massive bitch fit.

That was until she overheard some of Dante’s and Valeria’s conversation. Once she left Valeria’s bedroom, she stood a few yards off from the door and listened.

As soon as she realized that Dante and Valeria had a “thing” from way back in his human days, it started to make sense. Valeria was the reason that Dante turned down advances from other females—the reason he turned down Korinna after she grew into puberty.

“Fucking witch.” Korinna seethed. The vampires she passed by seemed to squirm from the energy leaking off of her. Born of the sin of lust, a succubus naturally radiated a sexual energy—but a pissed succubus reeked of the deepest throes of raging sex.

Who gave a fuck, anyway? She turned down the left hallway, following the trails of vampires as their numbers grew.

Once she entered the large commons room, Korinna could hear the current catastrophe buzzing from everyone’s mouth. The newest gossip, the psychotic vampire brother of the estranged sorceress sister.

Big whoop.

Korinna spotted Conner at the main dining table in the middle of the room. He was, as always, surrounded by other vampires. Morgana and Trisha hovered over him, giving him sensual stares each time he caught their stare. Korinna stomped over, catching most of the vampires by surprise with her wind of ferocity.

The waves of bloodsuckers parted and Conner watched as Korinna closed the distance. His mood changed, mixing with annoyance and a strange case of lust.

Ever since Korinna matured, though only physically, she and Conner had complicated relationship. On one hand, every time Conner was close to her, he was aroused by the sexual energy that her succubae side gave off, the way her lithe body slithered, and her scents. On the other hand, their relationship was wholly carnal. He knew she approached him because of Dante. Aside from her looks, she was a train-wreck as soon as she opened her mouth and spoke.

Korinna stopped beside him.

Morgana gave her the stink-eye and Trisha welcomed her friend with a wave, but Korinna ignored both as she directed her attention on Conner and sat on the table space before him.

Her legs folded lady-like against his thigh. Conner felt her hands creep up the sides of his face and clench his hair.

Morgana let out an audible grumble and moved off to something else. Trisha rolled her eyes and also left, leaving many of the male vampires to watch as the succubus took control of their Master’s secondhand.

Conner’s stare went to the ripe hills of her breasts as they pushed against her shirt. Then Korinna cleared her throat. His eyes snapped to hers and he was caught by their metallic sheen.

God, she was so hot. Conner drooled as Korinna leaned in. Their noses briefly grazed.

“We’ve got to talk.”

● ● ●

Talking had many meanings to Korinna, who led Conner to her bedroom, where they spent a short fifteen minutes enjoying each other. After they reached the peak of their pleasure, Korinna rolled over on her back and combed her fingers through her hair.

Conner watched her, half entranced. His fangs were out, a physical remnant of the pleasure he experienced.

The covers laid over his legs, exposing the length of his body, and came around to cover the peaks of Korinna’s bared nipples.

She sighed, half satisfied.

“This is about Dante, isn’t it?” Conner asked, muttering through Korinna’s trance. He watched her fingers thread through her hair through hooded eyes.

“Who is that witch and what does she have to do with anything?” Korinna asked instead of answering his question. She figured that would answer his question.

“Dante knew her from his human life,” Conner said. “I don’t know much else, Kori.”

“Who’s Isaac?”

“A psycho,” he said and turned on his side. “Don’t go near him, Korinna. Dante would kill me—and then you.”

Korinna ignored that last statement and shrugged. She sucked in her bottom lip, her teeth wearing down on it. Conner caught the action and blinked. His head almost rolled off of his hand, he became so mesmerized.

Men were such idiots.

“Where is he, anyway?”

Conner shook himself of the spell and sat up in the bed. He stared her down, this time not focusing on lips or eyes, but at her nose, which twitched as it did that when Korinna plotted.

“I swear to God, Kori.” Conner moved out of the bed and picked up his clothes. “Don’t you dare think about messing with Dante. It’s not going to work.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit.” Conner pulled up and buttoned his jeans. “This isn’t like usual. Dante’s deep in this situation. Don’t fuck with it.”

“I’m not fucking with anything.”

His eyebrows furrowed as he scowled. “Right. Sure you aren’t.”

Korinna sucked in her bottom lip again.

Conner turned away, rushed to the door, and said, “Don’t you fucking dare, Korinna.”

The door slammed behind him. Korinna stayed put, her fingers still pulling through her strands of hair. While her sex drive was currently controlled, she could feel herself grow hot again.

Conner never did satisfy Korinna. She never took anyone else, though she wanted Dante so much that she imagined she would kill for him.

Korinna figured it had to do with power. Dante was the Duke and Conner was his second-in-command. Since she couldn’t have Dante, she took Conner as a substitute.

But it was never enough.

She slammed her fists down on the comforter and huffed.


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