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This is a story about Emily Tebutt, she is a college student, shes kind of a loner and has no friends that all changes on the first day of the semester when she meets a strange girl called Rose and she happens to be the sister of an angel who is going to be God. When Jordan comes to the earth to look for his sister he didnt expect to find his fated mate.

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Chapter 1:They meet

Emily's pov

Beep...... Beep..... Beep


Another spendid day of college... note the sarcasm in my words, time to get up and welcome the living hell i guess. I make my way out of the bedroom i that i love so much and again note the sarcasm well there's nothing i can do about it, i can hear the voices of people already heading to the hall, guess I'm late for the first day of the semester. I take my phone which is not an iPhone for your own information but a Huawei Y9 and dont judgrle i love this phone, i put my favourite playlist by SYML which i dont ussually do but today im in the mood.

I dance and sing-mumble-hum to clean eyes while placing my hair in a high bun and putting the toothbrush in my mouth

[Oh clean eyes breaking my heart in all the right ways i know mhm mhm clean eyes, Oh clean eyes breaking my heart and breaking my chains mhm mhm mhm mhm clean eyes]

I spit the water from my mouth and started stripping from my clothes getting ready to shower. If you must know something about me, i hate wearing long pants when sleeping cause its uncomfortable and my Secondary P. E teacher once said

[when you sleep let it all go free, its been sweating the whole from being suffocated by clothso set it free]

I think it was mainly meant for the boys cause even though i hate long clothes when sleeping i would not dare sleep without clothes... No, so when i sleep i wear my grey kitten shorts and my my short sleeve shirt

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