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Witch of the woods

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Deep in the woods, in the abandoned manor lives the forsaken seer. A blood witch who has killed her own husband, notorious for her visions and magic and her entrancing beauty. Vitra isn't expecting romance, but when she ends up killing Kairen and his brother seeks her to avenge his dead, what'll happen then? After a failed marriage, she's never had any interest in men, but something about this foreigner with silver eyes pulls her to him. She's never lusted after anyone the way she wants him, never wanted to touch a man the way she desires him. So when she wants to feel another man's touch, she decides to give it a try with him. What she didn't expect was for him to reciprocate. Didn't expect him to desire her as well. She's his mate. He's been wanting her since he first saw her naked in the woods. And then in his dreams. But when he meets her in person, he knows for sure that she's his. She is his by right but she doesn't know it. She's attracted to him but doesn't want to give in to the touch. She wants her but is too timid to start a relationship. So what'll happen when he's intent to make her his own?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

She felt degraded.

And she was.

Waist deep submerged in the lake, the water’s surface shimmering green with all the nearby nature reflecting in it. Her hands covering her exposed breasts as her teary eyes glared at her offender. Her clothes dangled from his hand as he stood outside the lake, his repulsive gaze scorching her skin wherever it fell as he devilishly smirked down at her.

“Come on now, don’t be shy, come out.” his voice was a noise that made her wish she was deaf.

She glared up at him, and as she spoke, her repulsion and rage strengthened her words like no other emotion could. A warning had never sounded more real to her as back then when the words had left her mouth.

“I swear on my honor, I’ll kill you if you don’t leave.” And as if a testimony to her murderous intent and her disgust, her words echoed all around in the woods as she trembled partly by the cold and partly by the turmoil of her emotions. She had never been this enraged and humiliated at the same time. Never been this degraded, never before had she been violated this way.

That devil laughed, she would never forget the sound of that laughter. After all, it was the sound that played testimony to her molestation. To the way she felt dirty as he looked at her more and more, his appreciative gaze was nothing but destructive to her. Her soul crumbling as he harassed her, reminding her of her past, of her degradation.

"Oh sweetheart, you humor me. Alright though. Step out to kill me if not for my entertainment." He scratched his chin, his eyes coming to rest on her breasts, "Although......I don't really mind coming in there."

His words fueled her anger and before she even know what she was doing, before she could process what her lips were mumbling or what the heat and power in her blood meant, she had cast the spell.

A blood curse.

His laughter was cut short, his eyes going wide as he witnessed the change in her. Her hair floating around her with a golden glow, her brown eyes sparking with a red tint to them. And then he felt the pain, agony rippling through each and every fiber of his being as his muscles and veins burned alike underneath his skin.

His screams were a music to her ears as she watched him bleed through all his openings, through his eyes, his screams turning to gargles as his own blood came up his throat and into his mouth. There was blood everywhere, his clothes bloody, hers drenching in the blood that seeped out of him at an alarming rate, the ground beneath his feet absorbing all that his body was throwing out, as if Mother Nature accepted his death as an offering.

Vitra watched his misery with a smile on her face. Her chest was still heaving with anger and humiliation, tears were still stinging her eyes, but now a sadistic smile adorned her angelic face, menace shadowing her still furious eyes. She wasn't cruel, but she was not to be provoked. She was a woman, she had pride and she had honor and it was not to be played with. No man had the right to threaten any of them by degrading her or molesting her.

She still wasn't satisfied by his destruction. Her soul demanded more, her body craved for more. She needed more. She stepped out of the lake, naked before his now unseeing, dead eyes, and walked to him. Her eyes glaring at his dead, bloody body with such an intensity that he'd be dead if he was still breathing.

She snatched her clothes from his dead fingers as they gripped them and she looked around her for a weapon as she put her clothes back on. All in front of his open eyes. She was still trembling, tears streaming down her cheeks, her emotions so wild that she couldn't pin point any of them, no time to focus on them as well. Her throat felt dry as she heaved.

Finally her gaze landed on the dagger that was gleaming in a holster by his waist. She bent and took it, clenching it so hard that her knuckles turned wide, gripping so tightly that it cut her palm. Her skin was cold and clampy and her very soul felt dirty as her sullied clothes stuck to her skin.

"See me, you scoundrel." she shouted at him, clawing at his jaw as she brought the tip of the blade to one of his eye, "Look at me" She screamed.

She sobbed as she clawed his eyes out. Wailed as she stabbed his hands. Those hands had groped her breasts to get a feel before he had pushed her in the lake. When she was done with his dead body, both his eyes out of their sockets, his tongue cut out for the verbal whipping he had given her, his molesting hands were cut apart too. And she sat there till dawn's light threatened to shed light on the gory she had unleashed. She didn't want to see her own doing, she didn't like to hurt others.

On her way to the manor, she was so repulsed that she puked her guts out all the way back. She went with his blood from her clothes seeping into her skin, into her heart. She felt dirty, used, degraded, humiliated and probably all the negative emotions that existed. She was repulsed by herself too, at the way she had reacted.

When she was behind the closed doors of her manor, she stripped naked and walked to her room.

She fell in the bed and sobbed all night.

She didn't want to be in her own body, didn't want to be a woman at all.

She felt broken.................worthless.

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