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soul taken

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A boy got born in a destitute family and vicissitudes of life started came toward him.Mired in poverty and agony of filthiness he always dreamt of living his one life at utmost pleasure . In his world where everyone wanted to revamp their lives ,nova aspired not to revamp but to grab world richest man position which seems paradoxical and he had promised with himself that he would not relent until he acquire it . moreover he believes that his life is not started yet and will only start after becoming the most richest man but his tryst with destiny had not come to fruition  it seems the destiny does not want to see him in the shoes of world's richest man but something utterly different which could transform the living standards of this entire world accidentally involved him and something transpired with him also which metamorphosed his musings about his filthy tribulations. The boy who had his eyes placed on becoming the richest man on this planet whose only goal or purpose of life is one thing that to be richer than everyone seems got changed but how and the pivotal question is why and what happened with him, seems secretive. (This is a transcribed story by the narrator therefore use of first person is could not be found here)

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Chapter 1

#Gone bacchanal

Nova has turned 17 just recently and he has quench for money until he run into Stalin, who belongs to the billionaire by the relation of son.
It all started when nova was washing his cattle on the roadside ,a flashy car came towards him and asked for the path of road which goes towards rumelia which is a village adjacent to his village ropana.The car driver asked him

"Hey,is this the path for rumelia??"
Nova replied meekly
" Yes,but you have to take two left turns if you want to reach there two hours before"

As the path didn't seem that it would have two lefts because of the claustrophobic jungles which the driver can behold,he doubted and got out from the car near to the boy and muttered
"If you would be lying then you will have to bear severe repercussions."
The sudden change of mood seems queer to nova but got carried away by the situation and apopletic with rage
"If you are of doltish character and benighted personality then it's not my fault"
Stalin who was resting in the car came to realise that the car driver was at the verge of slapping the cowmen he intervened and bellowed
"Stop,if want your job"
the driver stopped himself and made Stalin cognizant of the situation meanwhile Nova was observing the situation

Stalin offered
"Would you guide us as we cannot afford time"
Nova dementedly replied in positive

Nova got the backseat offered by Stalin and the driver ignited the engine and the car tyres screeched.
In 2 hours of way nova and Stalin expunged the stranger danger thing and came to friendly and informal attitude towards each other.
Everything was going good until they reached rumelia where the situation was compounded by his egotistical ,snooty and aporophobic father.
"Hey Stalin, have you brought a new servant for cleaning our toilets"said the father

Nova feels ashamed and poverty stricken among the flashy suits and their extravagant environ,he urged Stalin drop him at his home but something more bitter is waiting for him .....

(If you like the story ,please do comment for chapter 2)
Note-(Ignore grammer as i have not examined it)

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