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The Alpha’s Little Witch

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Cordelia Lunar, a bright but innocent Witch, hidden from the dangers of the world until her mother passed away. Cordelia - now lonesome - decides to venture out of her comfort zone and move past the boundaries her mother had tried so hard to create to protect her from the harsh outside world. Cordelia soon runs into trouble and realises that rules are rules for a reason... Alpha Dimitri Lorenzo, a good mannered Alpha, well respected within his pack and amongst others, even with his strict rules. Dimitri was fairly mature and rational when it came to situations, but something about this little Witch had all rationality flying out the window - and her into his possessive arms...

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One


I run through the woods, giggling as the wind soars through my hair, my feet padded against the dirt covered ground as I did a twirl.

It would be a lie to say I didn't love feeling the forest floor against my feet, every step made my connection with the earth stronger.

I could feel it.

My heart swelled in happiness as my gaze lands upon a butterfly. I could feel my heart beat fall into sync with each time she had fluttered her hypnotic wings.

She stays still for a second and looks at me while fluttering her wings, she turns around in the direction I was heading and flutters ahead.

"Follow her," my subconscious soothes.

I follow her blindly, letting her lead me to wherever she wants me to go.

My mother had always told me "Butterflies are part of us, a part of who we are, we are kind and gentle at heart, very fragile and when near... our hearts beat as one - You should always trust a butterfly, she is wise and will take you where you need to be, she is certain, and when we are lost, she is there to guide us."

I take comfort in my mother's words. They were one of the very last things she had said to me.

Instead of mourning her death, I choose to celebrate her life, and always listen to her wise words. Sometimes I could hear her voice amongst the trees. She was still here but she was completely one with nature now.

For us, death wasn't something to be afraid of, it was a type of ascending, we would wallow deep within the earth in internal happiness. We would be free and not chained down to the struggles life seems to face us within our everyday lives. We would help the earth thrive, despite the sour people that are left to bestow upon it.

I continue to follow the butterfly in happiness, a smile now rested on my lips.

We come up to a stream and she starts to cross, I don't hesitate in following her as the trees seemed to sway a little more than a second ago.

I cross the long stream, thankful it wasn't too deep, only the bottom of my dress was wet but my cloak stayed well dry. I was grateful it wouldn't weigh me down.

It was my mother's and my most prized treasure. I would cave if anything were to happen to it.

I relish in happiness only to realise my surrounding began to dull. The plants ahead seemed sad while the plants behind me flourished.

The air got thicker and the wind stronger. I quickly took notice of the butterfly that was now struggling against the harsh wind. I put my hand out so she could safely land on me.

She closed her wings and for a second my heart stopped as well. Something wasn't right.

I could hear the trees whispering, all of a sudden it were as if time had stopped. My steps falter and I realise my mistake. My powers were dormant, I had yet to unlock them, it was stupid of me to wonder off defenceless.

I could feel the tension that embedded itself well within the wind as it gushed past me. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in warning.

I had made a grave mistake.

"Danger," the trees whisper, I furrow my eyebrows in distress and slowly walk backwards. I thought the butterfly was meant to protect me, but I guess I was wrong.

First and foremost - as I remembered my mother's number one rule...

"Always listen to the trees," The forest was trying to take away my anxiety, I could feel it trying to pull it away from my body, but it seemed as if I were stuck.
I was far away from my den and in unknown territory.

I was scared.

Suddenly I head a twig snap to my left, my head quickly snaps in the direction and my eyes widen at large wolf that watched me from not far away.

Filthy, vile creature.

...At least that's what I was always told. The air seemed thick and tense, but to me nothing about this wolf was filthy or vile.

My breath hitched in my throat as it took a step forward, it's deep brown eyes roaming my body.

I don't think I had ever been more terrified than I was in this moment. I had never seen a wolf in person, they were majestic creatures... but I was cautious, I knew what they could do, how much damage they could create.

All of a sudden it's bones crack causing me to flinch slightly as I watch the wolf morph into a human. The butterfly flutters away leaving me with this beast.

The human stands up to its full height, stark naked. My eyes immediately dart elsewhere, I now understood he was a man within his own right. He was captivating. He had to be at least six foot five. I look into his dark brown eyes, they swirled with emotion, he was tearing up and the sight made me slightly uncomfortable and confused. I tear my eyes away from his and look at his thick, wavy, brown hair. I wanted nothing more than to run my hands through it but I had self restraint.

Did wolves have this affect on everyone?

"Mate," his deep, sexy voice growls out, startling me. I unconsciously take a step back out of instinct, fear controlling my body.

"Mine," he growls softly before staunching towards me.

"Run," the trees whisper as a heavy breeze passes by me. This was all I needed to hear to start sprinting in the direction I came from. I needed to get out of here, I had wondered off too far.

I wasn't sure why the butterfly had led me here and I also wasn't sure as to why this werewolf was calling me mate.

Once I got home I would be safe.

I turn and run as fast as I can. I was fast but I could feel him gaining on me. I was now panicked. I didn't know if I could outrun him or not and I wasn't sure what nature could do to help me, at this moment it felt as if my connection with nature had weakened in the presence of a werewolf.

The footsteps stop and I turn to look. He wasn't following me anymore, I sigh in relief and come to a stop, but something still felt off.

I watch as a butterfly flutters past me, hopefully she could find out why my bond with nature was slowing. I reach out to let her land as I turn, my wrist getting snatched in the process, sparks flood throughout my body at the magical touch. I gasp, turning my head fearfully for my eyes to meet the familiar dark brown ones I was just running from.

How could I be so naive?

He stares at me intently before placing a kiss on my wrist affectionately. I stare at him in fear with my mouth agape, watching and waiting for him to make any sudden movements.

"Why do you run from me?" He asks softly, his eyes filled with hurt.

"L-Let me go," I tell him softly, my eyes silently begging to him that he'll do so.

"Why would I let you go when I have been searching for you all these years?" He asks me strictly with furrowed eyebrows, gripping my delicate wrist tight in his hold.

"Ouch," I tell him, my mouth settled in a permanent frown. He softens his grip, using his free hand to pull my hood off causing me to gasp and try and pull it back up. He grabs my other hand in his and holds them tight as he takes in my now bare appearance. His eyes wondering every detail of my face before settling my lips.

"You're coming with me," he demands gruffly, leaving no room for negotiation.

"Please let me go," I tell him. Only the trees knew what he would do to me and I didn't want to stick around to find out.

"No," he growls, I was cowering in my boots.

"Please," I whisper, afraid of him. His eyes soften once they notice the fear in mine.

"I'm sorry," he says to me before lifting me off the ground and throwing me over his shoulder. I cry out in surprise, trying to keep my head up from getting dizzy.

"Where are you taking me?" I shakily ask, my voice breaking at the end of the sentence. Tears fill my eyes in fear of his answer.

"It's ok mate, I'll keep you safe... we're heading home," he tells me.

"Home?" I ask him excitedly.
"Then why are you going in the opposite direction?"

"To our home," he tells me causing me to frown.

"Let me go!" I tell him, now aware of his true intentions.

"Never," he growls before continuing on his journey to "our home."

I huff and give up trying, knowing it was no use. This man was huge.

I scowl say the same butterfly from before flutters past me as if to torment me. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be in this situation.

My ears perk up as I hear the sound of kids laughing in the distance.

Kids - They were the only thing good about the world, such carefree and harmless creatures...
that was until they were corrupted by parents, family, teachers — aunties and uncles...

And what was once a blooming flower, becomes broken and wilted...

I hate people.

They can't help it, it's in their nature to destroy beautiful things, whilst we Witches and Fair Folk preserve it.

I don't know what this man thought he was doing with me... but it sure wasn't going to turn out good for him.

We reach a clearing I look around, taking as much in about my surroundings as I could.

The trees would help me escape regardless of my knowledge of this land. All I had to worry about was timing.

The man holding me whistles causing the children's screams of joy to stop.

I warned you adults were no fun.

"You all know you shouldn't be around here so close to the boarder. What if someone were to take you?" The man asks surprisingly softly. My eyes widen in surprise.

Like he just took me?!

"Sorry Alpha!" The kids pout before running away.

Alpha - if that was his name - chuckles at the kids before walking us further into unknown land.

I wiggle in his grip, trying to slip away from man unscathed.

"Stop wriggling," he grunts and hold me against him tighter.

"Do you kidnap all of your guests?" I ask softly, annoyed.

I hear him let out a humorous huff, trying not to chuckle at my question. I couldn't help but get annoyed at this man further than I already was, did he know who he was messing with?

Does he know what I am?

My thoughts consume me as he continues on his trek.

"Here we are mate, home sweet home," he says before placing me on the ground.

He wraps his arms around my waist before leaning his head on top of mine. I grind my teeth in annoyance but let him hug me regardless.

This is going to be one hard escape.
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