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Coral Lemmings thought her parents were dead and she had no clue that she was a werewolf until her parents invited her to an amazing party. She's the next alpha and she needs to fall in love with 4 guys so she can have a king. What happens when there's one thing standing in her way. She can't shift and she has some unknown powers that won't shake from her unbinding soul.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The point of knowing that I’m a werewolf alpha whose parents aren’t dead like I thought should terrify me, but I’m not. My best friend is a vampire and I dance with her like I shouldn’t be scared that she’d suck my blood. I’ve known worse, but It just scares me that I’m not scared at all. Rosa, my best friend, hugs me and says “I need a drink.” I nod and dance on my own as she walks away.

As I’m dancing a pair of hands snake around me and I’m engulfed in the smell of alcohol. I cringe and try to pry the hands off me. “Get off me.” I whimper. Okay, now I’m scared. The person just laughs and kisses my neck. “Get off her.” Someone growls behind me and the figure groping me. The person growls and lets go of me. He turns around toward the person that saved me. “Cory! Why must you steal the good ones?” I frown at the man that smells like alcohol. He tries to grab me from behind and I move quickly over to the Cory guy. He pushes me behind him to make sure I am safe. “She’s my mate dibshit!” Cory yells.

I suddenly feel even safer with Cory. I relax and hug him from behind. He relaxes a little. I just met one of the four of my mates. I smile as the guy grumbles and walks away. “Thank you,” I say softly. Cory moves to turn toward me without my arms breaking from around him. He looks down at me. His blue eyes look amazing with that beautiful ombre hair. He smiles and kisses my forehead. “Anytime babe. You must be Coral lemmings.” I smile and nod up at him. “And you must be Cory uh?” He laughs. “Owens. Cory Owens, Babe.” I smile at the sound of him calling me babe. I throw my head in his chest and sniff him in. He smells like wildflowers and water lilies. Cory Laughs and I hear an “Awe” Sound from behind me.

I turn around and find Rosa tipsy, staring at me in amazement. “How did you find a ha- handsome goddddd!!!” Rosa slurs. I laugh. Looks like I’m going to have to take her home. I sigh and grab her by the arm. “Come on. Let’s get you home.” I say softly. Rosa’s heavyweight lifts as Cory grabs her and says “I’ll get her home, You can stay here. This is where you’re living anyways.” I totally forgot my living arrangements have changed. Cory chuckles and lands a kiss on my forehead. “Your room is upstairs to the left. I’ll be back soon.” Cory clears out the party and my parents say one last goodbye. I give both of them big hugs and walk up the stairs to my room. My room is huge with red walls and a queen-sized bed.

There’s a guitar, ukulele, violin, and a hand keyboard hanging on the wall. How did they know I’m musically talented? I smile and pick up the guitar. I start singing Better than me by The Brobecks. The guitar is in my hand as I strum.

Every girl from here to Soho

Loves to tell me things I don’t know
Beautiful and smart, and not good for me
At all

All your boyfriends go to film school
Nathan was in plays in high school (how ’bout that?)
Me, I’m gonna play the imbecile,
Who keeps choosing you
Even though you’re bipolar and you’re selfish
I hate you! Ahhh!

I scream the last part because that's how it goes. I hear claps from my door. I look up to see a tall brunette and gold-eyed man smiling at me. I eye him very well. He's hot, not going to lie. I smile and stand up. I put the guitar back on my wall and step toward the man. "You must be Coral. I'm Lucas." I smile. I think I met another mate. Lucas takes my hand and kisses it softly. "Your beautiful." I blush crimson and give him a nod. "Lucas! Was That Cora singing!?" Cory's voice echos all the way from downstairs. I laugh as Lucas yells back at him. "No! Apparently, I have a pretty lady voice....." He waits a moment and Cory makes me laugh even harder. "Really?!" I start snorting. "NO! Dumbass! Your so fucking stupid!"

Cory makes it upstairs to see me dying on the floor. He laughs and picks me up bridal style. Cory drops me on the bed and starts tickling me. I giggle and yell "How did you know I was ticklish!?" He stops and kisses my nose. "Because I know you, Babe. " I was hoping he would use my other nickname, but this one is fine too.

"Hey! Don't steal all the fun!" Lucas says while pulling Cory off me. I laugh as Cory starts tackling Lucas. There's a loud bang on my door and a redhead with dark eyes stands in the middle of the doorway, his face in a scold. He stares at me and his face softens for a second, just like that, the second is gone and he grows tense again. "Keep it down! Silver and I are trying to sleep!" The guy yells. Cory and Lucas stand up from the floor and start growling. I place one hand on each of them. They start to relax and I walk between them and hug the redhead. It catches both of us off guard. It takes him a second before he wraps his arms around me. "Your here." He says softly. I nod and say "I'm here." He bends down and kisses the top of my head before glaring at Cory and Lukas. He walks away before I can say anything else. "Alright, guys. I'm sleepy, so let me get to bed." I say, rubbing my eyes in the process like a two-year-old.

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