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Joshua Bloody Doras

“How long are we supposed to stay here?” Baxter asked.

“We just have to be patient,” Jade replied, shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head. A few seconds later, her phone rang. She picked it up and looked at the number. “Not to sound cliché but… speak of the devil.” She pushed the answer button and held the phone up to her ear. “Yes, dear.”

“Yeah, that’s not weird at all,” Baxter noted, “that he would call the second we spoke about him.”

“His name’s Murdock? Okay. We’ll look for him,” Jade said. “When are you coming back? Prague?! Why do you… Okay, okay. Look. We can’t stay in this hotel indefinitely. One of these guys here says his grandparents have a house out in the middle of nowhere. They’re on an RV road trip across the country. Yeah, I guess we could. I don’t know if they make one that sleeps eleven. Twelve with Murdock. Yeah, a big one and a smaller one would work. I’ll see what I can find. Money is no object. Correct? Okay. Be careful. Yeah, I know. Still… Okay. Bye.”

“Okay, guys. Listen up,” Jade said to the group. “We’re now in the market for two RV’s. One large one and a smaller one. We can be mobile and travel together.”

“I’m on it,” Morgan, the girl with the Orioles hat, announced. She pulled her laptop out of her satchel and booted it up. A few moments later, she had something. “Alright, I’ve found a Class A diesel that sleeps eight and a Class C that sleeps five.”

“I’m clueless,” Jade commented. “What’s the difference between A and C-Class?”

“Size and gas mileage,” Morgan replied. “That’s it. Should be plenty of room. A queen bed in each. You and Mr. Di Corvo can take one of those. Jack and I are the only other couple, if I’m not mistaken. We’ll take the other one.”

“That sounds fair,” Jade replied. “Get me the info and I’ll pass it on to Zachary so he can do whatever he has to do to secure the financial part and--” She was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Baxter went to the door. Before he opened it, he looked through the peephole and asked who it was. “Murdock,” a voice answered from outside the door.

“Oh, yes. I forgot,” Jade lamented. “Zachary sent him. He’s ok,” she assured him.


“Why did Ancient Riddles get cancelled?” Gidget, the goth girl, asked. “I loved that show.”

“Two words. Joshua bloody Doras. Bawheed.”

“I don’t understand,” Gidget pried. “What does Josh Dor--”

“He told the network I was a fraud. Lavvy head jessie. He’s the bloody fraud. Him and his Terminal Fact groupies… Couldn’t handle any competition from anyone who was producing actual truth about history.”

“The episode on the Devil’s Bible is my favorite,” Gidget added.

“Ah, yes. The Codex Gigas. Books are me weakness. I had just wrapped filming on an episode about the Underwater Ruins of Jomon when that dobber proposed to the network that he host a special, investigating the ruins.”

“And they went with his idea. I remember watching it.”

“O’course you watched it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. Had the network kept me on, I might not be here with you lot.”

“True,” Gidget admitted. “Why are you here, anyway?”

“Well, apparently, your cohort, Mr. Di Corvo, found out I was researching the Sworn Book of Honorius.”

“Are you doing another show?”

“No. I’m working on my doctorate. Anyway, he came to me and said he had some sort of vision.”

“What was the vision of?” Gidget asked.

“He wouldn’t tell me exactly but it involved me and… Jade.”

“Me?” Jade inquired, very surprised.

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