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Illuminations VI, Prague, 759 AD

A large, oak table filled the Triskaideka’s meeting chambers, leaving only enough room around it to pull out one of the fourteen chairs and sit down. The table was a triskaidecagon--a thirteen sided polygon--with a space in the middle where anyone wishing to or required to speak to the council could ride the floor lift up to the center of the room. The walls were dark, unadorned and made of black and grey basalt stone. At the moment, only two of the chairs were occupied. Ometeotl, the Aztec god of duality, embodied by two men, sat side by side and appeared to be mirror images of each other. They were the reason there fourteen chairs and not just thirteen. One had a tunic with bright green on the right and bright orange on the left. The other, bright orange on the right and green on the right. They sat close enough as to take up only one side of the triskaidecagon table and when they spoke, they spoke as one. In the center was Modeos with Lugus standing behind him.

“Lugus, can you explain how this man became an immortal?” Ometeotl asked.

“Well, I know the how, but not the why,” Lugus replied. “When Modeos and his friends were executed by burning, it happened within their sacred circle—where they performed rituals.”

“I know what a sacred circle is!” Ometeotl yelled. When Ometeotl raised his voice, it was made all the more fierce because of the two voices speaking in unison. “But the fact that they perform rituals there doesn’t make it magical, nor does it give it the ability to make one person immortal, much less four.”

“Yes, Sir. Sirs.”

“Modeos, where are your friends?”

“I don’t know, Your Honor. My brother vanished when the rest of us burned. I left the other two in Thórsholr to go out and search for him.”

“And by vanish, you mean, seemingly cease to exist.”

“Yes, Sir. He didn’t just run away and not come back.”

“Well, someone has seen fit to take it upon themselves to grant you immortality without the approval of the Council. I have no formal duty to assign you a mentor. However, immortality without knowledge is dangerous. I am giving you Kathas as your mentor.”

“I was hoping I could be his mentor,” Lugus interrupted.

“My decision is final. Modeos, Kathas will be in Rome one month from today. You will meet him there.”

“Yes, Sir. And how will I know this man, Kathas?”

“He will have red hair, a beard and a black tunic. He will be waiting for you in the Forum Boarium, standing next to the statue of the minotaur around midday. Red hair in Rome should be difficult to miss.”

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