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Entirely Too Many Movies

Derek held his cellphone up to his ear, talking to his captain as he drove west on Independence Boulevard towards Monroe. “She got back early this morning. Well, she’s going to be in to talk to you later today about that, I think. To be honest, Sir, she already told me because I’m her partner, but she plans on turning in her resignation. I know. Something to do with her family. I don’t know, Cap.

“One other thing... the McDaniels girl… has anyone been able to get ahold of her parents? Well, I’m headed that way now. If they’re home, what information do I give them? Still searching. Working with FBI and INTERPOL. Monroe Police? No, I’ll go. It’s my case. Okay. Let me know when you have your short list for Marie’s spot. Herbert? Heh. You’re a funny guy. Not unless you pad my salary by about ten grand. Yeah, I know. We’re both funny guys. Bye.”

“In five-hundred feet,” the sultry voice purred, interrupting the heavy beats of a hip-hop song on the radio. “Turn left… into your destination… 1245 Pin Oak Court.”

Derek pulled into the driveway of a beige and brown, split-level house at the end of a cul-de-sac. In front of him was a silver, Mercedez-Benz sedan with the trunk open. Paused in the front steps and staring at him, Robles assumed, was Jack McDaniels, Alex’s father, with a suitcase in each hand. A woman opened the door and held it as Jack placed the two pieces of luggage just inside the door, came back out and walked toward Derek’s car—his eyebrows bunched together and nostrils flared.

“Can I help you?” the man asked.

Robles stepped out of his car and shut the door. “Yes, Sir. Jack McDaniels?”

“Yes.” The man replied.

“It’s about your daughter, Alex. We tried to reach you a few days ago but were unable to.”

“We’ve been out of town. What’s wrong? Is Alex in some sort of trouble?”

“She’s missing. We believe she’s been kidnapped.”

“What?” Mr. McDaniels screamed, his face now flush. “By who?”

“We have a suspect but, unfortunately, we haven’t located him yet.”

“That Carson guy? Steve Carson?”

“You’re talking about Stew Kasey, her boyfriend. No. He is not currently a suspect.”

“He should be. The boy was creepy. Watches entirely too many movies.”

“Zachary Di Corvo. Does that name mean anything to you?”

“No. Is that one of Kasey’s aliases?”

“Sir, Mr. Kasey is not a suspect. He has been cleared. Di Corvo is the man who was behind the attack on Mr. Kasey, putting him in the hospital in October. We believe Di Corvo is responsible for the disappearance of your daughter.”

“What are you doing to find her?”

“We are working with the FBI, as well as INTERPOL, Sir. I promise you, we are doing everything within our power to locate your daughter.”

“INTERPOL? I thought they only did international cases.”

“This is an international case, Mr. McDaniels. She was last seen in Bergen, Norway.”

“What was she doing there? Who? Who saw her there?”

“Confidential witness. And we believe Di Corvo took her there.”

“Confidential wit—“

“There is something else, Mr. McDaniels. Jacqueline McDaniels is your mother, correct?”

“Yes. Is she okay?”

“When Alex was taken, your mother was killed. I’m very sorry to have to give you so much bad news.”

“Killed?” Mr. McDaniels began to breathe very heavily. He reached out for something to brace himself with but there was nothing near enough for him to grab onto. Robles caught him before he collapsed.

“Over here,” Derek said, moving McDaniels to his Mercedez. He pulled on the passenger door, hoping it was unlocked. The handle clicked, the door swung open and Robles helped the distraught man sit down in the passenger seat.

“So… what happens now?” McDaniels inquired, tears streaming down his face. He tried to wipe them away, but they came too quickly. “You send some people here with some high-tech equipment and record all our phone calls?”

“No, Sir. We’ll have one of our guys along with a squad car from the Monroe Police Department stationed outside your house around the clock. If you hear or see anything out of the ordinary, let them know right away. Okay?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What’s a good contact number?”

Once Robles was in his car and pulling out of the driveway, he said to himself, “He’s the one who watches too many movies.” As he prepared to leave the cul-de-sac at Pin Oak Court, he saw blue and red lights flashing silently. The Monroe Police officer blipped his siren and turned off his lights as he pulled to a stop at his post in front of the McDaniels house.

Back on Independence Boulevard, just after stopping for lunch, Robles received a text message from Captain Olson. “Lawyer 4 Jack McD called. Demanding Kasey be brought in as suspect. What did u say 2 them?”

“What in the world?” Derek rumbled. “This is going to turn into a big, hot mess. I can see it now.” Derek looked at the list of recent calls on his phone, located the one he made to his captain earlier, pushed the call button and put the phone to his ear. “I need to invest in a phone with Bluetooth. Cap… all I said was we had a suspect we hadn’t located yet and he assumed I was talking about Kasey. I told… I know but he didn’t even know she was missing. No. Apparently, they just got back from out of town. I’m not sure. What do you want me to do, Cap? You want me to get Kasey? No? You’re sure? INTERPOL and Bergen Police are searching the area now. Last I heard, they hadn’t found anything. Yeah, I’ll let you know.” As soon as he hung up, he got another text message.

“What now?” Robles cried.

The message was from Marie. “The Blake Hotel Uptown. Rm 412. Show your badge and ID at front desk and they’ll give you a key.”

“The Blake? Yeah. That’s discrete.”

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