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It is often said that when Rome fell the western world fell with it. Yet men and women lived on, they loved, and they suffered. For with the fall of Rome the tyrants of earth and hell both march to claim the ruins of the fallen empire. Only in forgotten corners of the world do free tribes hold on, yet enemies from without and tyrants from within seek to destroy these final strongholds. Against the forces of darkness, two heroes rise. Worlds apart and yet bound by fate and magic. In the north George last descendant of King Lear of the Britons leads a small band of heroes against the Saxon hordes of Wessex. With the Saxon king Cedric determined to wipe the Romano Britain race once and for all, George is forced to make peace with his sworn enemies The Pendragons of Camelot. Far to the south in the deserts of Libya, the Princess Sabra of Saline fights against the mystical cult that now holds her people in bondage. But her enemy may be more formidable than even she realizes. For the god that Ierna and his priests worship is no idol of dead stone. He is an ancient evil. He was the last of his kind. A relic of the dark days when the Watchers and the Nephilim ruled over mankind. The terror always haunting the edges of the map. Worshiped and feared by mystics and druids of these dark forgotten lands. For centuries he has waited, but now the dragon Gurzil is ready to make his move.

Fantasy / Horror
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Dedication and Authors Note


For my daughter Athena

May the dragons of hate that plague this world fall before the righteous,

That you may live in an age of peace.

Author’s Note

George is of the saints whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose actions are known only to God.

Pope Gelasius

The Canonization of Saint George

What follows are the legends of old as they are known, and the history as it was recorded.

It is often said that when Rome fell the western world fell with it.

For almost over a century almost all records of history vanished. The deeds of the heroes of this age were recorded in no history. For all that remains are the chronicles, written to flatter the egos of the mighty of that time. What is remembered, is the truth that neither fire nor sword could destroy.

That in that time, there were in that time of hate and death, who stood against the darkness. Those who fought with valor for no glory, no gold, and renown. We know at times that these heroes were victorious, against the armies of greed and destruction. We know that other times, the forces of evil ground the armies of justice to dust. Leaving only shattered shields, broken heroes, and pillaged country in their wake.

However, those who lived on kept these stories of the brave few alive. And their names have echoed through the ages.

This is why you have all heard of George the Dragon Slayer, King Arthur, and the Knights of the Round Table. Their stories refreshed and renewed constantly over centuries. Yet the tyrants like Emperor Justinian and the Vandal King Gieseric are forgotten by all but the footnotes of history.

It is the sacred charge of the storyteller to keep the legends alive. For at those times where the mighty seek to smudge the heroes out of history. When the chronicler or the journalist record more lies than truth, in these dark days, it falls the jester, the poet, and to the storyteller to remind people of the honor of courageous knights, the cruelty of tyrants, and the existence monsters.

I write to preserve the legends of yesterday, in hopes that others to come will record the legends of today. For tyrants are feared, then reviled and soon forgotten. Yet for as long as men and women tell stories, legends will never die.

I am Otitis, I am No Man, I am Nemo

I Anonymous, to the tyrants of today and to the tyrants of tomorrow, I give this warning, passed down from ages long ago. Beware the eagle, the lion, and the bear. For the righteous, and the valiant will resist you.


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