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“You just don’t know when to quit do you Nala?” Breathing through my frustration, I gaze up into Kayden’s beautiful golden brown orbs. “I guess I just enjoy being difficult.” He smirks as he grabs a blind fold and gently covers my eyes. I feel his hot breath on my ear making my lungs malfunction . “I guess you just need to be punished.” His voice dropping an octave or two which definitely has me shaking in my boots. 21 year old Nala Jackson has sworn off men. After feeling heartbreak for the first time she promises to never let another man close. Focused solely on staying alive to see another day. Until she meets Kayden.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“I'm home.” I call as I enter the one bedroom apartment that I share with my long term boyfriend of 2 years. Its nothing extravagant but its home. Not seeing him in the living room, kitchen or bathroom I turn around and head to our room. The door is shut so he could be meditating. The sound of skin slapping and soft moaning mixed with familiar grunts knock that idea smooth out.

“Lord, please let him just be watching porn.” I whisper with my eyes shut tight, fearing the worst. Easing the door open just enough to peak in, i’m met with my best friend taking deep strokes from my boyfriend. My heart is beating so hard its about to beat its way out my damn chest just so it can go beat they ass. Closing my eyes and taking deep slow breaths just to calm myself. I want to handle this situation with some sort of dignity even if it feels like my world is crashing down around me and burning up in flames.
I mean come on…. They’re in missionary, candles burning, while he’s telling her all the the things I wish he would tell me. How beautiful she is, how good she feels, kissing her with a passion I crave, I spent four years trying to get him to love me harder than I loved him. But I see what a massive waste of time it was.

Backing away, I head to the kitchen to get a well needed glass of wine. Right about now I wish I had a blunt just to help numb this white hot pain coursing through my entire being. I throw myself on the plush brown couch in the living room to wait. On what? I have no clue. My chest hurts too bad to focus on causing a scene.

“King i’m about to cum.” Talia just about screams. “Fuck baby, come for daddy.” King’s deep baritone voice filling my ears and breaking my damn heart.
I hear the skin slapping get louder and their moans and groans right along with it. If only this wine glass was endless because this one isn’t doing enough.

Finally hearing the door open I can see parts of their bodies entering the small hallway. King scoops her up and pins her body to the wall, her thick curvy legs are wrapped around his waist. But that’s all I can see from this angle. My chest feels so tight its just going to explode any second now.

“Are you coming back to my place after Nala goes to sleep?”, I can hear the smile in her voice, Im going to vomit. “Damn straight baby. You know I can’t get enough of you, I much rather be cuddled up with you anyway.” The voice I once adored now bring me so much indescribable pain. His words are just the cherry on top to my unbelievable ass day. Giggling Talia loudly whispers, “Don’t give that hoe my dick either.” “I wouldn’t dream of it.” Masking the pain and putting on a bored, nonchalant exterior is second nature. I don’t need them seeing how much they hurt me because in the end I know they don’t really care about me or how I feel.

He sits her down and she fixes her sundress, pulling it down with a fat smile on her face. King is wrapped around her back with his hands on her waist and his face in her neck. Talia finally spots me stopping dead in her tracks as we make eye contact. She looks like a dear caught in headlights. King notices her pause looking up to see why she stopped and I see his eyes get big.

I smile, “Hey guys.” King’s mouth is hanging on the floor while Talia smirks but I see the fear in her eyes. “So, nobody has nothing to say?” I ask waving the wine glass in their direction. King releases her waist and says “ Baby its not what it looks like.” He’s looking at me like he hopes i’m naive enough to believe that played out line that every cheater uses when they've been caught. I roll my eyes so far into my head they almost get stuck there, just like my mama told me they would. But they don’t instead they come back looking at these imposters.

“No? So its not you cheating on me in my apartment in the bed that I paid for? If not please indulge me in what I completely misunderstood.” I say with feigned curiosity and my eyebrow quirked. I guess he couldn’t find the words because instead of saying anything he stood there awkwardly rubbing his neck. I really didn’t want to hear the lies, especially not today.
“You should go. And give me my keys.” Putting my hand out patiently waiting for the spare key I take a long sip of wine. “Baby can we please talk about this? She was just a quick nut, you know since you’re waiting and I got needs.” Me and Talia stare at him, she looks hurt and upset. Me? Im livid but I refuse to let it show. I can feel my skin tingling and my gums aching. “King I don’t want you, we’re done.” I basically growl out. The sensation isn’t new but the intensity of it is. I smell something rotten, making my nose wrinkle. Looking at them I see pure unadulterated fear. Before I can even figure it out Talia and King just about run out the apartment, like they can’t get away fast enough. King throwing his whole key ring at me.

Focusing on my breathing, I try to relax the stampede in my chest. Heading to the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face. When I look in the mirror I just about shit myself.

My eyes aren’t their typical hazel color, they’re black. Like pitch black. I don’t know what’s going on but it feels like my skin is on fire and all my bones are breaking. Screaming from the immense pain I stumble to my bag in the living room to call my dad. When he finally picks up I let out another gut wrenching scream. Theres sweat dripping from my forehead. “Dad I need you. I -.” Is all i can get out before I faint from the pain.
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